CCG Alumni Meeting
December 12th, 2003

E.B. Dunne Boardroom, NAFC
Call to order 9:40 am
Welcome & introductions Gerry Duggan, President. Moment of silence for departed Alumni member Pat Rice. Ed Matthews provided details of Mr. Rices funeral.
Minutes of the August 29th meeting were read, being no errors or emissions the minutes were adopted as read. Motion made by Harold Chubbs, seconded by Bren Rose. Carried.
Business arising from the Minutes
Atlantic Lighthouse Conference Gerry advised that he was unable to attend due to personal reasons. The minutes of the conference will be sent and no expenses were incurred.
Sheila Copps A response has been received from Sheila Copps office regarding Parks Canada.
Old Business
Financial Report: This summer:
green ball There were 2,853 visitors to Cape Spear,
green ball 148 books and 341 posters were sold,
green ball $78 in donations received,
green ball Revenue in the amount of $9,817,
green ball Current bank balance as of November 30th was $31,363 with all cheques already deducted.
An update on the current status and all cheques written was given by Treasurer Ed. There are approximately 500 books and 200 posters in inventory.
VOWR Gerry advised that two books were donated for their auction. Both Gerry and Les Noseworthy were interviewed on VOWR. There was also an article in the BC Golden Star regarding Les Noseworthy. An update was given by Les.
Posters Les advised that the three posters currently in stock should continue to be used only they should be resized and reproduced on better quality paper. Posters for Cape Spear and Ireland Isle need to be reproduced since quantity is now depleted. Lorne Humphries asked if it would be possible to have a few different posters in various tourist areas, but keep control at Cape Spear. Discussion followed regarding posters. It was agreed that the posters should be restricted to two, and this item will be discussed at the next meeting. Ed advised that a letter was received from Mary Wright of the United States praising the Let There Be Light book.
CSC Ed advised that the CSC has been contacting non-profit organizations to see if their website was easy to access/review. CCG Alumni is now listed with CSC.
New Business
Pat Rice Memorial Scholarship Fund Ed asked the Alumni how they would feel about establishing a scholarship fund on behalf of the Alumni at the Baccalieu High School in memory of Pat Rice. Les Noseworthy suggested an Art Scholarship. Discussion followed concerning Alumni sponsored scholarships on behalf of deceased members. A proposal for a scholarship was discussed and deferred until the next Alumni meeting.
Float Replacement Ed Matthews advised that $50 was needed to replenish float.
Dues Ed advised that due are due at this meeting, if you have not paid please do so.
Awards Ceremony Kim advised that CG would be having an awards ceremony in the Gilbert Room on the Southside Base on December 23rd. John Butler, Regional Director of CG has requested the presence of the Alumni so that he may present several copies of the history of CG book.
Round Table

Les extended Christmas wishes to all.
Ed indicated that a $25 gratuity should be given to Marie at CNIB Caterplan for arranging our Christmas luncheon today. All in agreement.
Next Meeting Next CG Alumni meeting will be held March 12th, 2004. Kim will arrange details and send out call letter. With no further business meeting adjourned at 10:40 am.
Respectfully submitted,
Kim Carville
CG Alumni Liaison