CCGAA Meeting
March 12, 2004

Belle Bay Boardroom, NAFC
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Murray Smith, Bert Ralph, Sam Johnson, Brendan Rose, Les Noseworthy, Jerry Duggan, Lorne Humphries, Jim Lambe, Melvin Burt, Norman Porter, Bob Adams, Gerry Squires, Ed Matthews, Kim Carville.
Call to order: 1:45 p.m.
President Jerry welcomed Norm Porter. Norm has moved to the province from Nova Scotia and has decided to join the Alumni association. Norm was presented with a copy of the Let there be light book. Minutes of the December 12th meeting were read by Ed Matthews, being no errors or omissions the minutes were adopted as read. Motion to adopt the minutes made by Bren, seconded by Sam. Carried.
Business Arising from Minutes
Awards Ceremony Jerry commented on the CG Awards ceremony that was held in the Gilbert Room, Southside base December 23rd and the presentation of the CG History books to the Alumni. The books are presently being circulated.
Scholarship This item was deferred from the December 12th meeting. Jerry opened the floor to discuss and asked where we proceed with this item. Ed commented on the scholarship not being named for a particular individual but rather be known as the Coast Guard Alumni Scholarship. Bert Ralph suggested an art scholarship based on our work with lighthouses and let Les Noseworthy take the direction on this. Lorne Humphries commented that we need to establish a reasonable figure for the scholarship. Norm Porter asked how we will target spending. Les Noseworthy indicated that there is no specific arts college and maybe we can do something ourselves, maybe appeal to younger kids, grades 5-6. To start we should consider doing this on a smaller scale. A sub-committee should be established. Lorne indicated the scholarship should reflect our marine heritage. Ed suggested a $500 scholarship to the Marine Institute. Committee was established to deal with the scholarship issue. The committee will be comprised of Jerry as chair and committee members Lorne, Bert, Les & Murray.
Financial Report
green ball Total Revenue 2003 = $19,152.06,
green ball Expenses = $17,183.95,
green ball Total revenue over expenses = $1,968.11
See attached Statement of Revenue & Expenses for the year ended December 31, 2003.
Inventory Currently in inventory there are 450 books and 200 posters and a bank balance of $33,782. Murray asked if there was an alarm system at Cape Spear. Ed advised that there was.
Bert asked if anymore books are being ordered. Ed advised that there would not as we currently have 450 in stock and more wont be needed until next year.
Murray suggested placing some books at the Rooms when it opens. Gerry advised that the Alumni has taken a firm stand on consignment, we will not be placing any books on consignment they can be purchased for $35/each.
Posters Ed advised that he talked to Ray Burt of Sterling Press and obtained a quote for 1,000 Cape Spear, 1,000 Irelands Isle & 500 Cape St. Marys posters on thicker card stock, and the cost for all is $1,404.00. Motion by Murray to purchase the posters at a cost of $1,404, seconded by Gordon. Carried Gordon also suggested that Ed obtain a quote for 1,000 Let there by Light bios. All in favor.
Cape Spear Ed advised that Cape Spear is scheduled to open May 1st and remain open until the end of September. The condition of the building was discussed, the steps need to be replaced and the building needs to be painted. Gerry Cantwell to be contacted to see if the above noted work can be completed. Presently the steps are a safety issue.
Student Program Gerry to review.
New Business
No new business
Round Table
Les John Major offered greetings to Alumni and is delighted with the book. Les advised that he was invited to Rennies River School to talk about the book as part of the Art Smart school program. Les will also be invited to speak at Holy Cross.
Bert Curling bonspiel. Is it going ahead? Bob Asked for a show of hands re curling, based on response will go ahead with this event.
Norm Thanks for the opportunity to join the Alumni.
Next Meeting June 18th 9:30 am Gilbert Room, Southside Base. With no further business meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.
Kim Carville
Recording Secretary

CCGAA Meeting
June 18, 2004

Gilbert Room, Southside Base
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, John Butler, Harold Chubbs, Jerry Duggan, Lorne Humphries, Jim Lambe, Ed Matthews, Bert Ralph, Bren Rose, Murray Smith, Gerald Squires & Kim Carville.
Call to order: 9:30 am
Minutes of the March 12th meeting were reviewed being no errors or omissions the minutes were adopted as circulated. Motion to adopt the minutes made by Bren, seconded by Lorne. Carried.
Old Business
Scholarship Gerry advised that a scholarship meeting was held and then proceeded to have Murray give the scholarship report. Murray advised that we now have a consensus to offer a $500 drawing scholarship at the Grenfell College in Corner Brook. The scholarship will be awarded to second year art students. Murray also advised that MUN has a process for offering scholarships. They would require $10 to $15K start-up money to administer the scholarship and the Alumni will not have to do a thing. The other option offered would be for the Alumni to sign a written agreement upfront for a 5 year commitment based on $500/year.
Action Item for Next Meeting Will look at approving a 5 year scholarship in Corner Brook managed by the CCG Alumni. It will either be an Art or Marine Scholarship. Murray indicated that there is no scholarship currently for this field (art) and it was felt that the professor should contribute to the criteria. Lorne suggested that the marine heritage of Newfoundland has to be built into the criteria. Ed asked if it would be possible to award another scholarship if someone has the talent. Dual scholarship.
John Butler – RD – CCG NL Region
John thanked the Alumni for inviting him to this meeting. John discussed changes to CG in this region. John also commented that the DM recognizes the active role our Alumni plays and he is very appreciative. Gerry thanked John for the support from CG on behalf of the Alumni. A set of posters were presented to John.
Posters Ed provided new posters to all members present. Ed also advised that 3,000 posters were printed for the cost of 2,500. Cost was $1,410 plus tax.
Discussion re the “History of CG” book. Harvey felt we should purchase several copies for the cape.
Building – Cape Spear Gerry advised that a conference call was held with Ray Brown & Brian Tobin re the maintenance problems with Cape Spear lighthouse. All repairs have now been completed and it was the recommendation from Small Craft Harbours that the exterior of the building be replaced with clapboard which will last 20 years. Lorne commented that he has done some research with regards to heritage funding and his goal is to have a plan in place for next year.
Finance/Secretarial Report<> Ed gave the following updates:
green ball Insurance paid in the amount of $1,614.60 (went up by $200).
green ball Poster information sheets printed at a cost of $415.
green ball Scholarship meeting expenses were $16.00.
green ball St. John’s Curling club expenses were $90.00.
green ball Advertisement for what’s happening publication was $410.55.
green ball Bank balance as of May 31 was $32,609.
Ed asked for volunteers to audit the books. Lorne & Bren to complete.
New Business
Museum Association – want to do an article on the alumni by July 10th. Cost to be a member of the museum association is $40. Motion made by Bert and seconded by Harold to pay the $40 fee to join. Carried.
History of CG from Alumni perspective. Lorne commented that it would be nice to complete our own history of the CG. A notice will go out in the next meeting call letter to bring some funny antidotes to the next meeting and possibly look at publishing a book.
Museum articles Gerry advised that he had a call from a gentleman in Baie de Verde requesting articles from the Alumni for display and we would retain ownership. Lorne advised that the person would have to make an application to borrow items.
DFO Golf tournament Gerry has been in contact with Anne George, will advise date of tournament.
Other Business
Gerry advised the following:
green ball Bert Hynes sister passed away, Alumni will send a card.
green ball Ron Cole was presented with an alumni book for helping with the incorporation papers.
green ball Duke Collins wife passed away.
green ball McPherson school did not have a copy of the Let there be light book.
Jerry provided another copy.
Next Meeting: September 17th, 9:30 am Belle Bay Room.
With no further business meeting adjourned at 11:10 am.
Respectfully submitted.
Kim Carville

CCGAA Meeting
September 17, 2004

notes Could not obtain these minutes. If you have a copy please send to webmaster.

CCGAA Meeting
December 10, 2004

E.B. Dunne Boardroom, NAFC
In Attendance: Bren Rose, Melvin Burt, Murray Smith, Norman Porter, Gerald Squires, Lorne Humphries, Cyril Myrick, Jim Lambe, Kevin Dormody, Bill Snow, Les Noseworthy, Bob Adams, Bert Ralph, Harvey Buffet, Harold Chubbs, Jerry Duggan, Ed Matthews, Joanne Tobin.
Call to order: 9:30 a.m.
President Jerry welcomed Kevin Dormody. Kevin has decided to join the Alumni Association. Minutes of the September 17th meeting were read by Ed Matthews, with one omission noted re Les Noseworthys name omitted from the Scholarship Committee. Omission will be corrected. The minutes were adopted. Motion to adopt the minutes made by Bill Snow. Seconded by Bren Rose. Motion Carried.
Business Arising from Minutes
Scholarship Committee The Scholarship Committee presented the following for the memberships consideration:
An annual Scholarship be awarded to a Second Year student at the Grenfell College, Corner Brook who is taking the Drawing course. The scholarship would be in the amount of $500. In accordance with Memorial University scholarship criteria, this scholarship would be awarded annually for a 5 year period. Any continuance of this particular Scholarship beyond the initial 5 years would be subject to revenue at that time. The student selection criterion to be finalized with the assistance of the Department Heads input. An Award(s) may be granted to a worthy person(s) who any Member of the Coast Guard Alumni wishes to have considered. The nature of this Award is to either acknowledge a major deed or achievement that an individual (or group) had recently made in the Marine field or assist that person in reaching a goal in the Marine field. Accordingly, the Award could take the form of a plaque and/or cash award as appropriate. Annually, this Award(s) would have a ceiling of $500.
Process: The Member must forward a written submission for consideration by the Alumnis Executive Board. The Board would assess the submission against an established List of Criteria. If the Board felt there was sufficient merit, a Letter of Notice would be sent to all Members describing the purpose/nature of the Award. Any Member not fully satisfied with granting the Award would be given a month of notify the Executive of his/her concerns. If no objections were received, the Award would be made with no further requirements but, if an objection was lodged, final consideration would be given at the next General Meeting. After some discussion the president recommended acceptance of Item 1 as it was discussed at previous meetings and move Item 2 to next meeting for consideration and refinement. Motion to accept the presidents recommendation made by Murray Smith. Seconded by Bert Ralph. Motion Carried.
Update from President. The president provided an update on the meeting he held with Mr. Barnes at the Railway Museum. As of January 1, 2005 the City of St. Johns will take ownership of the Railway Museum. The NE light from Belle Isle was retrieved by Sid Smith of Technical Services, CCG and transported to Southside Base for storage. The donations of $250 each to the George St. Soup Kitchen and the Gathering Place have been presented. Lightkeepers John Summers and Wayne Stead were presented with a pair of binoculars each in recognition of the outstanding work they did this past summer in promoting the alumni art display at Cape Spear. Discussion re preserving the history of the lighthouses by documenting stories. Some stories distributed to Gordon for review.
Financial Report. Financial sheet was distributed by Ed Matthews for review. Ed advised the meeting the $50 cash float needs to be replenished. Motion to replenish $50 float by Bill Snow. Seconded by Norm Porter. Motion Carried.
The president read an acknowledgement of donation that was sent by the Alzheimer Association and a thank-you card from Sam Johnson for donation in memory of his wife Marjorie.
Inventory Currently less than 3 boxes of books in stock; need to get another 1,000 books printed. If 5,000 books are sold that will give the book bestseller status in Canada. Motion to contact Sterling Press to get books printed made by Lorne Humphries. Seconded by Gerry Squires. Motion Carried. Lighthouse Posters lots of stock.
Lighthouse Society Newfoundland & Labrador
The president, a member of the Lighthouse Society, gave an update on the development of lighthouses in NL. A consultant has developed a Master Plan for Lighthouse Development. This is a source document that communities can use to develop a lighthouse. The province is planning to retain four lighthouses as a tourism initiative and the remainder will be signed over to the communities. Lorne Humphries added that this will include the infrastructure around the light; the actual light itself will be retained by Coast Guard.
New Business
No new business.
Round Table
Murray Smith Asked if revenue was discussed at the meeting the president had with the Railway Museum. Revenue wasnt discussed. Inquired re any information was obtained re Fort Amherst will have to formally approach the City of St. Johns.
Kevin Dormody Thanks for opportunity to join the Alumni.
Les Welcome to Kevin Dormody. Hopefully the Fort Amherst will come together as it is a wonderful opportunity for the Alumni.
Norm Porter If there is a need for something to be publicized, Cecil Hare, CBC, would be a contact.
Ed Matthews Les had a call from Sterling Press re NTV running the ad on Cape Spear; free advertising. Cape Spear closed early for the season, August 15th, due to the Parks Canada strike. Lightkeepers doing a great job.
Next Meeting March 11th ,2005 at 9:30 am Belle Bay Boardroom, NAFC.
With no further business meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.
Joanne Tobin
Recording Secretary