Minutes CCGAA Meeting
March, 2006

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Minutes CCGAA Meeting
Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gilbert Boardroom, Southside Base
In Attendance: Murray Smith, Les Noseworthy, Kevin Dormody, Gerry Squires, Gordon Butler, Harvey Buffett, Brendan Rose, Jim Lamb, Gerry Cantwell, Melvin Burt, Sam Johnson, Norman Porter, Jerry Duggan, Ed Matthews Bert Ralph, Karen Hanlon
Call to order: 9:30 a.m.
Minutes of the March 24th meeting were read by Ed Matthews. The minutes were adopted. Motion to adopt the minutes made by Kevin Dormody. Seconded by Bren Rose. Motion Carried.
Business Arising from Minutes
Student Art Kits Presentation of art kits were made by members of the CG Alumni at Mary Queen of the World school in St. Johns and St. Augustines School on Bell Island. Grade 5 students from Mary Queen of the World School attended an art class given by Les Noseworthy in his studio using the art kits donated by the Alumni. Les noted that he was very impressed by the enthusiasm of the students and the creativity of the artwork they produced.
Following the trip to St. Augustines school on Bell Island, the students went on a field trip to Cape Spear to view the art exhibit and to have lunch at the Cape.
An art instruction workshop was also delivered by Les to 9 teachers. It is hoped that the teachers will keep the momentum of project going in the school.
Financial Report Ed Matthews provided a financial update as follows:
green ball GIC balance as of March 31 is $18,482
green ball Current bank account balance is $16,143.62
green ball Cheques written were as follows $1665.20 to Anthony Insurance and $547.40 to Whin Publications.
green ball Cape Spear book sales, posters, admission and donations is $2749.00
There were concerns about accumulating a large bank account given the Alumnis Charitable status. Jerry Duggan explained that the goal is to keep the bank balance low and another book project will cost about $25,000 and this project will use up most of the money in the account. He also added that if the GIC is questioned, the justification for it will be that it is being used to raise money for the new building.
A proposal is being developed and a contact has been made with Minister Lloyola Hearns office that would see copies of our book placed in all public libraries across the Country. This would be achieved through Heritage Canada. Expected revenue generated from this venture would be $700,000 and would be a significant start to the $2.5 million required to construction the building.
Official Receipts Ed Matthews asked for a motion to purchase official receipt books for the Alumni. The cost of 6 books of black and white receipt books would be $170 plus tax. An additional charge of approximately $40 would be added if the Alumni wanted to display their logo on the books. Motion to adopt the purchase of the receipt books was made by Norm Porter. Seconded by Bren Rose. Motion Carried.
New Business
Light for Fort Mc Murray Gordon Butler expects to receive a proposal from Fort McMurray where a building is being constructed and decorated in a Newfoundland theme. The document will officially ask the Alumni to provide the organization with a large navigational light from a destaffed lighthouse or other source. The light would be placed on display in the building and identified as being donated by the CCGAA. Gordon asked for a motion to provide the light as requested. Motion adopted by Murray Smith. Seconded by Norm Porter. Motion Carried.
Round Table
Gerry Cantwell noted that the Alumni may wish to claim the 4th order lens light from Surgeons Cove Head lightstation, stating that the Alumni would have the first right to it. He added that the light is a highly polished, well-functioning light. However, the light will have to be retrieved before the private individuals take over the site. It is in the best interest of the Alumni to make these arrangements as soon as possible.
At todays meeting, some Alumni were having difficulty hearing the dialogue of the President and others, so it was suggested that at the next meeting a microphone or PA system should be brought into the Gilbert Boardroom. Jerry Duggan/Ed Matthews agreed to provide a solution for the next meeting.
It was noted that some members of the Alumni are not receiving their copies of Fish n Ships. Karen Hanlon agreed to forward the names of those who have been left out of the mailing to Communications so they could be added to the distribution.
It was also noted that there was no notification system in place to the CCGAA when a Coast Guard employee or retiree dies. Karen Hanlon agreed to forward information whenever possible and as it becomes available through the e-mail system to Jerry Duggan so CCGAA members can pay their respects and send a Sympathy Card.
Next Meeting Friday, September 22, 2006 at 9:30 am Gilbert Room, Southside Base.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.
Karen Hanlon
Recording Secretary

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
Friday, September 22, 2006

Gilbert Boardroom, Southside Base
In Attendance: Ed Matthews, Jerry Duggan, Karen Hanlon, Bren Rose, David Noftall, Les Noseworthy, Sam Johnson, Murray Smith, Frank Grant, Bert Ralph, Harvey Buffett, Gerald Squires, Norman Porter.
Call to order: 9:30 a.m.
Minutes of the June 22nd meeting were read by Ed Matthews. The minutes were adopted. Motion to adopt the minutes made by Kevin Dormody. Seconded by David Noftall. Motion Carried.
Business Arising from Minutes
Jerry Duggan noted that the light for Fort McMurray has been packaged and shipped as agreed in the last meeting.
Treasurer’s Financial Report Ed Matthews provided a financial update as follows:
green ball GIC balance as of March 31 is $18,600.00 (reinvested at 3.5%)
green ball Current bank account balance is $26,576.00
green ball Cheques written were as follows $173.00 for receipt books, MUN Scholarship $500.00, 2 receipts from Dominion Stores for get well Fruit Baskets $28.50 and $27.00, $1412.38 for art kits
green ball Cape Spear book sales, posters, admissions, donations for a total of $16,785.00.
President’s Report The Artwork exhibit currently on display at Cape Spear will possibly be transported and displayed at Rideau Hall, in Ottawa beginning at the end of September 2006 to May 2007.
Jerry met with representatives from Lloyola Hearn’s office regarding the proposal he sent forth regarding the purchase of our books which would see some $700,000 in revenue. The meeting was very positive and Jerry is awaiting the next response from the minister’s office.
Jerry also read a thank you letter he received for the Alumni’s $500 scholarship donation to Memorial University.
Artist Day The Canadian Coast Guard Alumni Association (CCGAA) sponsored an artist day for children ages 10, 11 and 12 on August 23rd in the Gilbert Boardroom on the Southside Base. Les Noseworthy provided art instruction to 8 children of CCG employees. The art kits and supplies were donated by the CCGAA and registration was free to the participants. A pizza lunch was served and prizes were awarded. Les noted that he felt that this was one of the best community initiatives of the CCGAA to date. Jerry Duggan read a card of thanks from Luke Gallagher, one of the children who participated in the artist day which expressed his gratitude to the Alumni for holding this event.
New Business
Jerry noted that the book supply is getting low and a new book order should be placed. Stirling Press will print the next edition and it is hoped that the same price of $24,000 will be charged for the 1000 book order. The only changes to this edition will be the cover text which will be rewritten to include the Alumni’s present day initiatives as well as Pass Island being included on the rear map, since it was omitted on the previous printing. It was also noted that the book has reached “best seller” status with the sale of over 5000 copies. A motion to adopt the purchase of the new edition of books was made by Bren Rose and seconded by Norm Porter. Motion Carried.
Round Table
Murray Smith discussed two initiatives he has been developing, the Grand Bank Memorial and the Johnson Geo Centre, which require Alumni members’ input and approval.
The Grand Bank Memorial Society has established a memorial to any seaman from Grand Bank who has lost his life at sea. A free plaque will be placed at the memorial in his honor. Anyone else from outside the Grand Bank area who would like to erect a plaque in memory of a person who died at sea could do so at a cost of $500. Murray spoke to John Butler to see if Coast Guard would consider paying for the plaques for those CCG employees who were killed in the line of duty. He was told that the CCG doesn’t have funds to cover such costs and the Canadian Coast Guard College in Sydney, is erecting a similar type of memorial that is being supported by all CCG Regions. In this regard, Murray would like to see the CCG Alumni Association cover the cost of the plaques in memory of the CCG employees.
Jerry Duggan agreed to meet with John Butler to further discuss the memorial issue and will defer this item for further discussion until the next Alumni meeting. Paul Johnson has offered approximately 1500 square feet of space within the Johnson Geo Centre building to display the Alumni’s artifacts for an exhibit. Murray sees this offer as an excellent opportunity to temporarily display the artifacts to the public while giving the corporate community a chance to preview the historic items and promote the work of the CCGAA which could assist in the corporate funding campaign for the building, Murray stated that this is a time-sensitive offer that requires a decision fairly soon since the Geo Centre would like the exhibit space utilized within the next month or two. Much discussion went around the table on this issue. Many members agreed that this was a good idea but feared that going ahead with this plan would result in a refusal of support from Loyola Hearn; based on the fact that the reason for constructing the CCGAA’s Museum building would no longer exist if the artifacts are currently being displayed at the Geo Centre. A motion was made by Kevin Dormody to defer this item until the next meeting pending approval of the proposal submitted to Loyola Hearn. Seconded by Harvey Buffett. Motion Carried.
Canadian Coast Guard Alumni Website Norm Porter is building a website of the CCGAA. The information contained on the site will provide a multitude of information about the Alumni and will include:
green ball History and objectives of the CCGAA
green ball Photos and virtual tour of the artifacts
green ball Description of charitable donations made by the Alumni
green ball Space for the public to make a donation
green ball Special event photos
green ball Various links to other organizations
Noting that the site is still under construction, Norm invited everyone to take a look. The web address is as follows
Cape Race A brief discussion was held regarding the equipment and artifacts on display at Cape Race that are on “loan” to the Cape Race Heritage Association. In this regard, a letter is being drafted by the Alumni to reassert control of this equipment. Cape Race Heritage will be asked sign the document and return it to the CCGAA acknowledging that the equipment is provided on a loan basis.
Poster Order The lighthouse posters offered for sale at Cape Spear are running low and a new order should be placed for next summer. A motion by Jerry Duggan was made to purchase more posters. Seconded by Harvey Buffett, Motion Carried
Next Meeting The next meeting will take place on Friday December 15 from 0930 -1130 in the Belle Bay Boardroom at NAFC. Presentation of awards will take place at this meeting followed by the Alumni’s Annual Xmas Reception, beginning at 1130 in the Cafeteria.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1130.
Karen Hanlon
Recording Secretary

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
December 15, 2006

Belle Bay Boardroom, White Hills
In Attendance: Herman Crew, Jim Lamb, Bert Ralph, Gordon Butler, Gerry Squires, Brendan Rose, Les Noseworthy, David Noftall, Kevin Dormody, Bob Adams, Melvin Burt, Murray Smith, Norman Porter, Jerry Duggan, Ed Matthews.
Call to order: 9:30 a.m.
Minutes of the September 22nd meeting were read by Ed Matthews. It was moved by Norman Porter and seconded by Bert Ralph that the minutes be adopted as read. Motion carried
Business Arising
The president advised that there had been no response from Minister Lloyola Hearn regarding our building proposal. Les advised that he had talked with Lloyola at Halifax airport and he advised him that he is still interested in the project. President read the response from Rideau Hall regarding the artwork, and they may include it in their schedule. Murray suggested that we cover the cost of shipping to Rideau Hall if this was the reason for their negative response.
Kevin suggested that he talk with Jim Furlong or “Places to Go with Sharon Snow” of NTV news regarding our book, “Let There Be Light”.
President read letter from MUN advising that Rachael Anstey was the recipient of the Scholarship Award.
Grand Bank Memorial. President passed around a picture of the Coast Guard Memorial with a list of people who had lost their lives in the course of duty. Murray advised that the space in the GEO Center that may have been provided to us is now occupied but may be available in March.
President suggested that perhaps some of Les’s paintings be placed at “The Rooms”. He will explore this option. Motion to do this by Gerry Duggan, President, and seconded by Dave Noftall.
Website. Norm passed around web addresses and advised that he is working on the site. He also suggested that eventually we should buy our own domain on the web. This will be discussed further at the next meeting. It was moved by Murray, and seconded by Kevin that we obtain a domain name now.
Jim Lambe will have the forms signed by Cape Race Heritage recognizing our artifacts on loan to their organization.
New Business
The President read a letter from Mr. Joe Primm and one from Mrs. Mike McCarthy thanking the Alumni for the Polaris Awards given to them.
Bert Ralph congratulated the President on his speech at the awards ceremony.
It was moved by Kevin Dormody and seconded by Dave Noftall that we donate $250 to the Outreach Program at the George Street United Church and an additional $250 to The Gathering Place near the Bascillica. Kevin advised that The Gathering Place is always looking for volunteers should anyone be interested.
After a lengthy discussion regarding our book of Belle Isle, it was moved by Norm Porter and seconded by Gordon Butler that we spend up to $7,000 to get this project launched. The motion was carried.
A lengthy discussion took place regarding our solicitation of donations of money for our building project. Kevin Dormody suggested that any donations should be held in trust until the building is assured. Murray suggested that we must have a profile in order to solicit such donations.
David Noftall thanked the Alumni for his associate membership and will assist the Alumni in all its endeavors.
Les advised that he is very happy with the projects up to date, and even though the building is a major concern, he is confident that it will happen. He felt that we do have a profile with our book and art display, and other activities must be accomplished by small inroads. He wished all the members a Merry Christmas.
Bert Ralph suggested that we send Harold Chubbs a Christmas card and wish him well in his recovery. He also asked who we would be identifying for the next Polaris Awards.
Bert advised that his grandson is a member of the Hyde Park Choir, and in July of this year, this choir would be part of the Festival 500. He suggested that perhaps we could have them perform at Cape Spear and arrange for a tour of a Coast Guard ship. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea. More on this at the next meeting.
Herman Crew suggested that perhaps we could make a poster of the Long Point Lighthouse and if we did, he would be prepared to sell it at his bed and breakfast.
Next meeting to be held in the Gilbert Boardroom at the South Side, March 23,2007, starting at 0930hrs
There being no further business, the President wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The meeting adjourned at 11:00 hours.