#FF0000 CCGAA Minutes 2008

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
March 28, 2008

Gilbert Room, Southside Base
In Attendance: Norm Porter, Gordon Butler, Gerry Squires, Greg Twining, Murray Smith, Lorne Humphries, Frank Grant, Sam Johnson, Les Noseworthy, Bren Rose, Burt Ralph, Harold Chubbs, Ed Matthews, Jerry Duggan.
Call to Order: 9:35 a.m.
Minutes of the December 14, 2007 meeting were read by Ed Matthews. It was moved by Norm Porter and seconded by Bren Rose that the minutes be adopted as read; motion carried.
Business Arising:
Kay Butler completed work on transcribing the tapes for Les’s Labrador trip.
Jerry Duggan, Les Noseworthy, Harold Chubbs and Ed Matthews met with Wade. Kearley and gave him all the information required to publish our book on Belle Isle. Wade will give us a price estimate in a few weeks (Note.) We now have a firm price from Wade of $5000.00 to complete the book. It was agreed by all the members that we would proceed with this project.
There has been no response from Loyola Hearn’s office regarding the building at Cape Spear.
Cheques were given to “The Gathering Place” and “George Street United Church” and “Thank You” letters were received.
For the recruitment of new members, a letter is to be included in the package for retirees.
Financial Report: Read by Ed Matthews
green ball 3 Fruit Baskets: $ 68.97
green ball Gathering Place: $ 250.00
green ball George Street United Church: $ 250.00
green ball Ireland’s Isle Poster: $ 908.52
green ball Kay Butler: $ 100.00
green ball Float: $ 50.00
green ball GIC: $19,566.47
green ball Bank Balance: $28,049.21
Business Arising:
Burt Ralph had many letters from kids who had enjoyed the art program and he suggested that they make a video of their presentation that could be sent to Mr. Zarboni, the supplier of the art kits. Norm Porter volunteered to video this presentation and Lorne Humphries suggested that we write up a report about the art program and include some of the letters. Ed Matthews attended a Revenue Canada course to keep up-to-date.
It was agreed by the membership that we would approach the Provincial Government to ask for a donation to help with the book and Les Noseworthy suggested we ask for help with the printing cost as well by bringing in a draft of the final product. Wade should have something ready by June and he requested that he would like to have his name associated with the book
Scotia-Mcleod will be hosting a conference in St. John’s this summer and may be looking for some 100+ books that they would give out to their guests. Chris Schwartz.is the contact for this event. Our book supply is getting low and it was moved by Lorne Humphries and seconded by Greg Twining that we proceed with the printing of 1000 copies, motion carried.
Ed Matthews requested that we buy more plastic bags for the posters. Motioned by Lorne Humphries and seconded by Frank Grant; motion carried.
Norm Porter wanted to update the website and needs news and activities to put on the site. He also suggested that we get a webcam installed at Cape Spear that can be accessed on the website to draw more attention to Cape Spear. Lorne Humphries inquired whether it can be used as a security camera as well and maybe Parks Canada would be interested in this project.
Greg Twining let everyone know that there was no charge for any event at the Crow’s Nest if you were signed in by a member.
Burt Ralph thanked the Alumni on behalf of his wife for the fruit basket given to her by the alumni membership. He also brought in a photo and letter he received via Ed Roberts from the Governor-General’s Investiture. The alumni will pay to have the photograph framed for Burt.
Les Noseworthy is building his own website and would like to include some of his work now displayed at Cape Spear. He would also like to include the link to Cape Spear when we have one.This would be another way to get us out in the public eye by presenting ourselves in the proper manner. Lorne Humphries made a motion for Les to have unrestricted access to Alumni information. Harold Chubbs seconded; motion carried.
Jerry Duggan said we will choose four schools to visit between now and June from those who have shown interest in a presentation. Norm Porter will need the schedule in order to make arrangements to video graph the sessions.
The next meeting is to be held on June 20, 2008 at 0930 in the Gilbert Room, Southside Base.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:35 hours.

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
June 20, 2008

Cape Harrison Room, Southside Base
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Gerry Squires, Greg Twining, Murray Smith, Lorne Humphries, Frank Grant, Sam Johnson, Les Noseworthy, Bren Rose, Burt Ralph, Harold Chubbs, Kevin Dormody, gerry Cantwell, Dave Noftall, Ed Matthews, Jerry Duggan.
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m.
Minutes of the March 28, 2008 meeting were read by Ed Matthews. It was moved by Harold Chubbs and seconded by Burt Ralph that the minutes be adopted as read; motion carried.
Business Arising:
Norm Porter completed work on the 58 minute video. Jerry expects that it will meet the Alumni’s needs.
Scotia Macleod did not purchase the books they showed interest in. 16 books were sold instead of 100.
The picture of Burt Ralph and the Governor General was framed; Jerry presented it to Burt.
Stirling Press has closed; Jerry Duggan picked up the digital files of “Let There Be Light”. These will be given to another printer when research takes place to find another. Les Noseworthy had a meeting with Randy Dawe regarding the Belle Isle book and the mock-up will be ready today. Les had a layout of the cover with him for members to see.
Financial Report: Read by Ed Matthews
green ball Meeting Expenses: $ 21.67
green ball Picture Frame–Burt Ralph $ 65.00
green ball Plastic Bags-Cape Spear: $ 111.92
green ball Randy Dawe-Scanning: $ 585.34
green ball Art Supplies-Schools: $ 193.14
green ball MUN Insurance: $ 1377.00
green ball Travel Expenses-Schools $ 36.69
green ball Wade Kearley-Book $ 678.00
green ball GIC: $ 19,729.00
green ball Bank Balance: $26,751.00
Business Arising:
Cape Spear is open for the season.
The Income Tax Return has been completed and finalized.
Ed reported that “The Gathering Place” has a shop that accepts used clothing. The clerk mentioned a few things that they are in need of. They have an art program and Ed motioned that the Alumni donate 2 art kits and $100 for art supplies. Harold Chubbs seconded; motion carried. Jerry Duggan will deliver the donations.
Jerry Duggan visited Bell Island School and was very happy with the welcome he received.
Jerry Duggan reported that a telephone line will be needed to install a webcam at Cape Spear. He will speak to Parks Canada and have information at the next meeting.
A GST Rebate of $1750 was received.
Jerry Duggan reported that, as Treasurer, Ed Matthews has a large workload and continues to work very hard for the Alumni Association. He proposed an honorarium for Ed for all of his hard work, all were in agreement. Ed stated that he loves the work he does for the Alumni and declined the honorarium.
Dave Noftall thanked the Alumni for visiting him during his recuperation.
Dave Noftall noted that there is a concern for recruiting new members to the Alumni. He is very interested in working on this initiative.
Greg Twining is looking for information for an article that will be written on Captain Gordon Warren who received the Order of Canada. Captain Warren was from New Perlican.
Murray Smith inquired to advertising for “What’s Happening”; Ed is looking in to it.
Burt Ralph reported that Norm Porter was interested in the Alumni Association’s license plate. Ed has one for him and will look in to having them printed again.
Burt Ralph thanked the Alumni for the framed picture of him and the Governor General. He also reported that Jim Lambe and Cyril Myrick have not been well. He also thought that Bert Hynes might be interested in receiving a copy of the minutes stating that a donation was being made to “The Gathering Place”.
Burt Ralph suggested putting St. Peter’s School in Mount Pearl – his grandson’s school – on the agenda for the art program school visit in 2010/2011.
Gerry Cantwell reported that Leo Gaulton is very interested in attending meetings and would like to arrange to do so. Gerry also stated that there are a number of people retiring and he will talk to them to garner interest in becoming an Alumni member.
Les Noseworthy reported that Shea Heights, Pouch Cove and Holy Cross are interested in the art program. Les presented the artwork disc for the new book to the President. He also presented a disc with pictures of school children, Ralph Zarboni’s visit to Cape Spear and Les’ paintings.
Kevin Dormody reported that “NTV” is airing past episodes of “Places to go with Sharon Snow”. He has called and left a message for Sharon to re-air our episode. Kevin will contact Sherri with date of airing and an email will be sent to Alumni.
Gerry Cantwell reported that there might be a change in personnel at Cape Spear by the end of June. He will keep us posted with changes.
The next meeting is to be held on September 12, 2008 at 0930 in the Gilbert Room, Southside Base.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:35 hours.

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
September 12, 2008

Gilbert Room, Southside Base
In Attendance: Norm Porter, Jerry Duggan, Murray Smith, Harold Chubbs, Sam Johnson, Gerry Squires, Les Noseworthy, Dave Noftall, Ed Matthews, Bren Rose, Frank Grant, Burt Ralph, Gerry Cantwell and Melvin Burt.
Sam Johnson’s 90th birthday – a cake was presented and photos were taken with all present.
Call to Order: 9:40 a.m.
Jerry Duggan welcomed everyone and the minutes of the June 20, 2008 meeting were read by Ed Matthews. It was moved by Bren Rose and seconded by Dave Noftall that the minutes be adopted as read; motion carried.
Business Arising:
Delivery of items to Gathering Place was received with much enthusiasm. Jerry Duggan read the thank-you note from the Gathering Place.
Jerry Duggan will be attending the meeting with Parks Canada Management Program on September 16th and 17th and he will make sure the Alumni is included.
We are back into the What’s Happening publication.
The DVD by Norm Porter is being sent to Ralph Zarboni.
Financial Report: Read by Ed Matthews
green ball Cheques written – June to September, 2008-09-26
green ball Meeting and school travel expenses: $ 99.27
green ball Art Supplies for Gathering Place: $ 100.00
green ball Randy Dawe Photography (scans) $ 218.00
green ball Wade Kearley – Book $ 1130.00
green ball Vivid Communications – Book $ 1649.00
green ball 20 Art Kits Purchased $ 1333.20
green ball Downhome Ad – August $ 125.43
green ball Downhome Ad – September $ 125.00
green ball GIC – June 30, 2008 $19,832.93
green ball Bank Account – August 6, 2008 $32,809.16
green ball Cape Spear to date: Visitors 2049, Books 152, Posters 119, Donations 23, Total $7987.00
There was a big drop in sales this summer.
From Sterling Press fallout, Hutton Press came back with a quote 25 cents less than Sterling so we will be printing more copies.
Gerry Squires spoke about the fundraiser for Daffodil Place that is taking place at the Delta tonight with Peter Mansbridge as guest speaker. There will be a silent auction and the Alumni has donated pictures of Cape St. Mary’s, Ireland’s Island and Cape Spear (2 sets), and Les Noseworthy’s book. Hopefully, we will get some great ‘PR’ from this. Also, Peter Mansbridge will be presented with a book.
Ed Matthews checked on getting more licence plates made and got a quote from Fast Signs - $587 – not going to proceed because of the cost. Gerry Cantwell suggested that they contact Gary Soper regarding a price; Gary gets work done in Placentia. Jerry Duggan will speak to Gary.
Jerry Duggan mentioned that Hazelwood Elementary would like to participate in the Art Program.
Les Noseworthy spoke about IKM Testing, a company out of Norway that are interested in providing 20 art kits per year for the next three years. Grant Hiscock is the contact there. Jerry Duggan suggested that after the DVD was sent to Zarboni, there is a possibility that he may continue providing art kits as well.
Les spoke of the 10 art kits dedicated to the Vera Perlin art program.
Jerry Duggan met with Daniel Brenton, Acting Director, Maritime Services in Ottawa and he is very impressed with the Alumni’s work.
Ed Matthews suggested that we should visit the Telegram editor and present him with a book. Motion moved by Murray Smith and seconded by Norm Porter. Motion carried.
Les Noseworthy discussed the progress of the new book. Wade Kearley says that it is coming together nicely and it should be one to two months before we get something in our hands. The quality is up to par of previous printer. Crosbie’s, Harvey’s and IKM want to take a box or two. Gerry Cantwell is to get a more complete list of lightkeepers.
Memory maps to be updated by Les on his next Labrador trip. Wade Kearley may want a meeting with Sam Johnson to verify some of the facts for the book.
Ed Matthews pointed out that Captain Prim and Michael McCarthy were recognized with Polaris Awards. Burt Ralph has recommended Robert Parsons for the Polaris Award. Robert wrote 20+ books on Newfoundland sea stories from the South Coast. Ed Matthews suggested that members think this over and let Ed/Jerry know by end of October and the award would be presented in December.
Murray Smith reminded everyone of the constitution that states you need to call a meeting for a special vote – one will be set.
Ed said that there needs to be an update on the lightkeepers – Harold Chubbs will try to update the list since some of the dates are wrong. Les suggested that the dates be left out and put a preamble saying that these are some of the lightkeepers. Harold will get back to Wade on the updated list.
Round Table
Norm Porter stated that he needs to update the information on the website.
Jerry Duggan suggested that this information can be extracted from the minutes and therefore he and put out a newsletter every three months.
Gerry Cantwell mentioned that Wayne Follett was leaving DFO and suggested presenting him with a picture since he had been a good supporter of the Alumni.
Bren Rose spoke of the passing of Nick McCormack and suggested a sympathy card be sent on behalf of the Alumni. Ed made a note of this.
Les said that the Soccer Association are taking a box or so of books. Also Les’s website: noseworthyfineart.com has gotten tremendous feedback on the Alumni projects.
Ed Matthews said that there will be another art kit donated to the Gathering Place.
Next meeting Friday, December 12, 2008 at the White Hills Bay Belle Room for Christmas get together from 9am – 12noon.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:40 hours.

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
December 12, 2008

Belle Bay Boardroom, NAFC, White Hills
In Attendance: Jerry Duggan, Melvin Burt, Harold Chubbs, Kevin Dormody, Les Noseworthy, Brendan Rose, Gordon Butler, Sam Johnson, Ed Matthews, Bert Ralph, Bill Snow, Herman Crewe, John Summers, Gordon Butler
Call to order : 9:35 a.m.
The president asked for a moment of silence to reflect on our recently deceased member Cyril Myrick.
Minutes of the September 12, 2008 meeting were read by Ed Matthews. It was moved by Bren Rose and seconded by Bert Ralph that the minutes be adopted as read; motion carried.
Business Arising :
Production of the Belle Isle book is progressing and is now expected in the new year (publication in March). The donation of our book “Let there be Light” to the Editor of the Telegram has been postponed awaiting printing of the book.
Gordon has reviewed the Belle Isle book and Murray Smith will arrange a visit to ask Mr. Ed Roberts if he would write the forward. Harold asked if he could also review the Belle Isle book and it was agreed that he could before sign off; Jerry will send a copy of the book for review. Bert asked the price of the new book and was advised it will be $35, same as the last book.
The Daffodil Place auction was a success and each package donated by the Alumni achieved $1100.
Jerry found a supplier of license plates and has had an additional 50 plates made; plates were presented to new CCGAA members.
IKM Testing generously donated funds for the Alumni to purchase new art kits for the school art project and 30 kits have now been purchased at a cost of $2458.00 The Art Project will be rolled out to six schools with each of the six schools receiving five art kits. Les Noseworthy has been giving art lessons in schools as well as at the Vera Perlin Society and stated that he has received some very positive feedback from his sessions. There were 10 art kits donated to Vera Perlin and they will have a dedicated art room and will be teaching art in the near future. Les hopes to return in the New Year, dates to be confirmed.
The Polaris Award was not given out this year and it was decided that a committee will be needed to assist with the award. Bert was asked to work towards a list of candidates and agreed to do so. Action: Bert
Jerry informed the group that he presented Wayne Follett with 3 signed prints on behalf of the Alumni.
Financial Report: Read by Ed Matthews.
green ball Cheques written:
green ball Norman Porter $33.89
green ball Jerry Duggan $82.00
green ball Transcontinental $12,000.00
green ball Randy Dawe $113.00
green ball Wade Kearley $1186.50
green ball Jerry Duggan $439.40
green ball GIC $19,937.00
green ball Bank balance $ 21,684.87
New Business:
Ed thanked John Summers for his work at Cape Spear and Jerry introduced John, as well as Gerald Soper, as the newest members of the Alumni.
The ADT system has been causing some problems at Cape Spear; Jerry provided members with the security code and advised they will need the code (which is BUOY) if calling ADT.
Ralph enquired if St Peter’s School could be added to the list of schools scheduled for visits in 2009; this was agreed. Action: Les
Gerald Soper has aerial photos of light stations and suggested a set be made for Cape Spear. The photos need to be reviewed and edited. It was decided that Harold and Gerald will review the photos with further decisions being made after the photos have been reviewed. Action: Gerald, Harold
There was a discussion regarding the launch of the Belle Island book in 2009. A decision will be made at a later date concerning the location of the launch as well as publicity.
Jerry will be running an election of officers in the near future. Harold agreed to contact members and will bring back names for the election. Action: Harold
John Butler, Assistant Commissioner, arrived to give a personal Christmas greeting to the Alumni and to present a brief overview of the past year. Condolences were passed to Mr Butler on the passing of his father.
The next meeting to be held on March 27, 2009 at 0930 hours in the Gilbert Room, Southside Base.
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:30 hours.