Minutes CCGAA Meeting
March 26, 2010

Cape Harrison Room
In Attendance: Melvin Burt, Gordon Butler, Ed Matthews , Gerry Cantwell, Jerry Duggan, James Lambe, Les Noseworthy, Norman Porter, Bert Ralph, Brendan Rose, Murray Smith, Gerald Soper, Harold Chubbs, Gary Rose, Lorne Humphries
Call to order: 9:30 a.m. Jerry Duggan called the meeting to order and introduced Gary Rose as the newest member of the Alumni.
Minutes of the September 2009 meeting were read by Ed Matthews, adopted by Bren Rose and seconded by Gordon Butler.
Matters Arising:
Jerry Duggan informed members that the Polaris Award was presented to Robert Parsons at the CCG Immediate Award Ceremony held at Southside Base on December 17th. The Award received news coverage on CBC and VOCM and very good feedback was received from the Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni. It was suggested that a representative of MUN Alumni be invited to the launch of the new book. Action: Ed Matthews
Photographs were taken on the day by Randy Dawe, electronic copies are available.
Jerry Duggan confirmed that the Porthole has now been completed and installed in the Gilbert Room at Southside Base but it may be moved to a new position (in the Gilbert Room) in the future as it is currently above another Porthole.
Murray Smith has received the first order of Lighthouse Writing Pads and they were distributed for viewing. The Pads will retail for $5 and also have an order form inside which gives details of the books, posters and pads available for purchase.
The Financial Report for 2009 (which was audited by Lorne Humphries and Bren Rose) was read by Ed Matthews. A motion to accept the report was moved by Norman Porter and accepted by Harold Chubbs. Copies of the Financial Report for 2009 are available upon request.
The Financial Report for the period January - March 2010 was read out by Ed Matthews.
Ed Matthews was thanked for his continual hard work and effort in preparing the Annual Report and Financial Updates.
New Business:
The book launch will take place in the next few months. Members of the Alumni will meet with John Butler and Ray Browne to discuss fundraising. The possibility of launching the book in St John’s as well as the Northern Peninsula was discussed. Les noted that he was in discussion with Ed Roberts and Mr. Roberts may be able to be involved with the launch. Further details will be discussed at a future meeting.
Terry Langdon called on behalf of Brian Cooper to gain access to the building at Cape Spear; movement may now be underway to start the process of painting. It may be possible to open Cape Spear earlier this year due to the good weather.
The Art Project is going well. There are several schools left to visit this year and there are enough kits for season. A copy of the new book has been sent to EM Plastics with a thank you note.
Norm Porter noted that the new Alumni website is now up and running and is available at the following web address:
Jerry Duggan noted that the Alumni is in a good financial position and has had a successful year. Jerry will be undertaking a lot of travel in the upcoming year and will be stepping down as Alumni President; an election for the position of President will be discussed at the next meeting.
Round Table:
Norm Porter circulated details of the Alumni website and was thanked by the members for his effort in getting the site up and running.
Les Noseworthy is getting ready for the upcoming school visits and these will get underway when John Summers is back. Les congratulated the group and the success of fundraising for the new book.
Harold Chubbs discussed the challenges of starting work towards a third publication concerning the history of light stations.
Jerry noted that the CCG approached the Alumni to do a sketch book of activities and ships. This will be discussed in more detail at a future meeting.
A discussion took place concerning artifacts that are owned by the Alumni, no decision was made.
Jim Lambe asked if Fort Hope Simpson can be included in the new book launch as the local area has a connection to the Strait.
Gerald Soper noted that the aerial photos he has have mostly been scanned and will be put on disc. Gerald was enquiring what had happened to the photos which Cliff had. It was noted that Michelle Gosse in now in charge of Real Property.
Gary Rose thanked the members for their welcome and stated he looks forward to working with the Alumni in the future.
Lorne Humphries congratulated Jerry and Ed and the members on their hard work and noted he hoped many more project ideas would be put forward.
Bert Ralph asked if a copy of the new book would be issued to The Telegram. He also asked if local schools would be provided with the book. Jerry replied that the Alumni had provided some 310 copies of the book to the Deputy Minister of Education.
Ed Matthews has recovered some of the wood from a railing that was part of the building at the South West of Belle Isle and kindly made pens for the members. Imprint Designs on Portugal Cove Road have done engraving on pens before and may be used if members would like to have their pens engraved.
A discussion ensued concerning a new book project for the Alumni. It was decided that a committee will be put together to look at possibilities. Harold Chubbs may start up a list of contacts with Norm and Gerald helping at grass roots.
Round Table concluded - it was agreed that the next meeting will be held on June 11th, 2010 9:30 a.m. at the Cape Harrison Room, SSB.

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
June 11, 2010

Cape Harrison Room
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Jerry Duggan, Lorne Humphries, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, Norman Porter, Bert Ralph, Brendan Rose, Gary Rose, Murray Smith, Gerald Squires, John Summers
Call to order: 9:30 a.m. Jerry Duggan called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the March, 2010 meeting were read by Ed Matthews, adopted by Bren Rose and seconded by Murray Smith.
Matters Arising:
Les Noseworthy and Jerry Duggan met with Steve Decker and agreed that the Pearkes will be available in St Anthony on Saturday August 21. A meeting will be held on June 15th to finalize details.
Painting will soon start at Cape Spear. There is a Duty to Accommodate position which may be available to assist at Cape Spear for a six week period. A meeting will be held next week and further details will be available at that time.
Imprint Engraving has offered to engrave any of the CCGA pens which Ed made at the reduced cost of $5 per pen. If members would like to take up this offer they can leave their pen, and the fee, with Jerry and he will make the arrangements.
New Business:
A motion was put forward to have the art work from the cover of Sentinels of the Strait used for a print which can be sold at Cape Spear; it is estimated that 1000 copies will cost in the region of $800. This motion was moved by Norm Porter and seconded by Bert Ralph.
Les noted that the cover art work would also make a good poster and/or canvas reproduction and would make a nice gift or present for special occasions and presentations. Wade and Company do that type of work and Les will get additional information from them concerning prices. Murray moved to accept spending a maximum of $300 per copy and ordering a maximum of 5 copies. Lorne accepted the motion and John seconded it.
Les will get back to the Executive who will finalize the numbers. Action: Les Noseworthy
Ed informed members several notes of thanks have been received.
A thank you note was received from Kathleen Corrigan, who received the MUN Bursary donated by the Alumni.
A thank you note was also received from Judy Zimerick who had ordered books from Ed and a further note was also received from a child at Paradise School who was the recipient of an at kit.
Claudette passed along thanks on behalf of St Matthew’s Council, students and teachers for the recent visit. The artwork which was completed at St Matthew’s is currently being framed and will be put on display in the main hall.
Four schools to date have been visited.
Election of Officers As Jerry has finished his term of office, an Election of Officers was held. Ed Matthews was nominated and accepted the post of President; Gary Rose was nominated and accepted the post of Secretary/Treasurer.
It was decided that Jerry would attend to any ongoing commitments.
Lorne thanked Jerry for his hard work and the tremendous effort he has given to the Alumni. As the new President, Ed thanked Jerry for his work and thanked Gary for accepting the role of Secretary Treasurer.
Round Table:
Les noted that he was contacted concerning a project involving 30 families that home school in the local area. Les informed the members that he agreed to help with the project and is happy to participate once the group finds a meeting place.
A discussion ensued concerning the sell off of many lighthouses and members wondered if the Alumni would be able to take over a new lighthouse. Bell Island is not on the list – Norm will put a link on the website to the Government Document which details which lighthouses are for sale. Action: Norm Porter
A discussion also took place concerning the possibility of adding a video presentation to the school visits.
Murray asked if it was possible to apply for a grant to hire a student for next year. Murray proceeded to tell the group about a Post Office which has been opened at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia; the Peggy’s Cove PO PO runs a business selling souvenirs as well as being a functional post office. Murray asked if the Alumni could investigate a similar project for Cape Spear. A rough estimate of $25,000 was quoted to establish the business with 2 weeks training needed per staff member working there.
It was decided that this summer is already planned for but the idea will be brought forward to a future meeting to discuss for 2011.
Round Table concluded - it was agreed that the next meeting will be held on September 24, 2010 9:30 a.m. at the Cape Harrison Room, SSB.

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
Sept 24, 2010

Cape Harrison Room
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Jerry Duggan, Lorne Humphries, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, Norman Porter, Bert Ralph, Brendan Rose, Gary Rose, Murray Smith, Gerald Squires, John Summers, Harold Chubbs
Call to order: 9:30 a.m. Ed Matthews called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the June, 2010 meeting were read by Gary Rose, adopted by Bert Ralph and seconded by Norm Porter.
Business Arising:
Jerry Duggan reported that the Sentinel of the Strait book launch was a huge success and everyone had a fantastic day. The event really put the Alumni on the map and the launch received great TV and press coverage including full page articles in the local newspaper (copies attached). The event was received beyond all expectations.
Gerry Cantwell and Jerry Duggan presented a gift to the Governor General, a print depicting the cover of the Sentinel of the Strait book. A pen carved by Ed Matthews was presented to the Governor General’s husband and was gratefully received.
It was noted that Megan Carew went out of her way to assist in making the launch a success. A thank you was noted on behalf of the members.
Photos of the event were taken by Communications and will be published in the near future.
Gary Rose read the Financial Report; a copy is attached for reference.
The pens which were forwarded to Jerry for engraving are complete and all have been returned. This work was completed by Imprint Engraving.
New posters and artwork orders have been completed and came in under budget.
Ed thanked Jerry and Les for the hard work and effort put into making the book launch so successful. This was appreciated by all members. Les informed the members that he agreed to help with the Home Schooling Art Project and is happy to participate once the group finds a meeting place, they will be meeting shortly to arrange a date for the first visit.
Murray has completed further research on the viability of a post office at the Cape and it seems that there will be a lack of potential for parcels and purchases. The Alumni may be able to buy stamps and sell them on to the public at a 5% profit. At the moment this does not seem profitable and may be discussed at a later date.
New Business:
A 25 year lease is now in place on the Cape Spear building. The Alumni members expressed their thanks to Jerry for initiating the agreement. As a result of a break in at the Cape building a new steel door will be put in place and the ADT system will be repaired on September 27.
Rick Bennett called in relation to a repair he was working on at the Cape building. As he was unable to replace the lock Ed advised Rick to cut off the old lock and replace it with a new lock completely. The key will be given to Terry Langdon.
John Butler’s office invited Ed to a meeting with Senator Manning re the Museum. Further details will follow.
The St John’s book launch has been moved to 2011 with a provisional date of May 2011.
A thank you letter was received from Marjorie Mercer and was accompanied by a generous donation of $50.
A thank you note was sent to John Butler on behalf of the Alumni thanking him for his work with the Book Launch.
In recognition of their continued hard work, a framed copy of the Sentinels of the Strait print was presented to CCGAA Past Presidents Jerry Duggan and Gordon Butler.
Round Table:
Bert Ralph asked if there would be a Polaris Award held this year; a list of previous nominees is attached for reference.
Jerry informed the group that Robert Parsons has a new book coming out and a photo of Robert accepting his Polaris Award will be in his book.
Les Noseworthy offered thanks to everyone who helped make the book launch a success.
Stuart Holmes of Saskatchewan has previously purchased books from the Alumni and has now indicated that he would like to be involved in a project with the CCGAA; he should be in touch in the near future.
Murray gave an update on the marketing of the new Lighthouse notepads. A planned meeting was postponed due to weather but should be rescheduled.
Harold Chubbs asked if work could soon be started on a new Alumni book as he thinks now is a good time to start information gathering. Lorne Humphries put forward a motion to elect a sub committee to bring forward an outline and a time frame for a possible book. This motion was seconded by John Summers and Harold agreed to chair the committee.
John Summers suggested that the promotional material from the book launch should be framed and a copy should be submitted to Fish and Ships.
Gordon thanked the members for his print and gave thanks to the members for their support and to Les for his hard work and contributions over the years.
Norman informed members that Cape Bonavista is selling a notepad almost identical to the Cape Spear notepad. He also informed the group that he will shortly start work on the new CCGAA website.
Gerry Squires asked if a letter of condolence would be sent to the families of the late Bill Soper and Ron Stephenson. Ed Matthews will send cards of behalf of the Alumni. Action: Ed Matthews
Bert Ralph asked if the school art project was continuing and was informed that it will be.
Round Table concluded - it was agreed that the next meeting will be held on December 10, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. at the Belle Bay Board Room, NAFC.
After the meeting concluded, Mr Jim Murray of the Knights of Columbus kindly arrived for the presentation of a $250 donation to the Alumni. This donation was very kindly received.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
December 10, 2010

Belle Bay Boardroom
In Attendance: Jerry Duggan, Les Noseworthy, Norman Porter, Bert Ralph, Brendan Rose, Gary Rose, Murray Smith, Gerald Squires, John Summers, Kevin Dormody, Jim Lambe, Melvin Burt
Call to order: 9:35 a.m. Jerry Duggan gave apologies on behalf of Ed Matthews and called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the June, 2010 meeting were read by Claudette Brokenshire, approved on a motion by Brendan Rose and seconded by Jim Lambe.
Business Arising:
Jerry noted that due to the unexpected resignation of the Premier, the Minister of Education was unable to attend St Andrews as arranged.
The Polaris Award has been postponed; further details will be discussed at a future meeting.
Gary Rose confirmed that a thank you note was sent to Dr Holmes for his generous contribution.
Murray informed the members that as of December 9, Ottawa hasn’t confirmed whether or not the Alumni can be a “Cancellation” post office. If the Cape becomes a Cancellation office it is an opportunity to provide income that doesn’t require a lot of training.
New Business:
Jerry Duggan and Gerry Cantwell attended a Parks Canada meeting and informed the members that Parks Canada has installed a counter at Cape Spear. In a one year period 175,000 cars went through. There were discussions about changing direction from Signal Hill to the Cape as an area of interest.
A discussion ensued concerning options open to Cape Spear and how it is very similar to Lands End in Cornwall, England. Cornwall charges for signpost rentals which may be considered for Cape Spear. Further details can be found on the Lands End website:
Jerry confirmed that a $1000 donation has been received from IKM and will be put towards the purchase of new art kits. It was also noted that the Bank of Montreal purchased 50 books.
Gary Rose noted that there was a thank you letter received from The Gathering Place, they are doing great work. A note was also received from Senator Murray.
Round Table:
Bert Ralph informed members that he has sold 4 copies of Sentinels of the Strait.
Les Noseworthy noted that Louise Hutchins purchased 2 books for DFO and there was discussion regards having the Alumni participate in a workshop at Lobster Cove Head, possibly at the end of July. This will be discussed in more detail at a future meeting.
Murray Smith noted that there may be different ideas put forward to provide revenue for the Alumni and these may be discussed in more detail at a future meeting.
Kevin Dormody informed the group that he attended a Silent Auction which had 2 of the Alumni books as auction items and each book bought in $200 which was an excellent result.
Norman suggested that a link to the website is added to the letterhead on the minutes (and this has now been incorporated). Murray asked if members have to sign in to the website but was informed that Alumni members have a private page on the website which is accessed by clicking on the photo of the Alumni President on the Photo Page.
Gerry Squires was asking about the relationship between the NL Alumni and the NS Alumni – there is a relationship and the groups hear from each other occasionally.
Round Table concluded - the next meeting will be held on March 11, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. at the Cape Harrison Boardroom SSB. Please note the change of date.