CCGAA Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2011

Sir Humphrey Gilbert Room, CCG Southside Road
In Attendance: Ed Matthews, Gary Rose, Gordon Butler, Harold Chubbs, Jim Lambe, Gerry Cantwell, Melvin Burt, Norman Porter, Lorne Humphries, Kevin Dormody, Anne George, Bert Ralph, Murray Smith, Les Noseworthy, Gerald Squires
Call to order: 9:30 a.m.
Ed Matthews called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the June, 2010 meeting were read by Gary Rose, approved on a motion by Gerry Cantwell and seconded by Kevin Dormody.
Matters Arising:
The meeting with Senator Manning went ahead on January 26. John Butler was away so Ed attended the meeting with Ray Browne. Costs of operating the building at Cape Spear were discussed; it was agreed that the Senator would meet with ACOA to see if funding could be provided to have the previous drawings brought up to date. Ed is waiting for an update from Senator Manning and will update members at the next meeting.
Letters of thanks have been sent to to IKM and to Senator Murray’s office.
Gary Rose distributed and read the financial reports. The reports were audited by Bren and Lorne; the tax and GST also completed.
The Alumni now has 19 paid up members.
There was a question concerning the lease for the Cape Spear building; it was conformed that the Alumni pay $1 for the 25 year lease and this is reflected in the annual bookkeeping.
New Business:
The GIC has been renewed for 18 months. A discussion will take place at the next meeting to confirm whether or not to roll any available funds into another GIC. The Balance Sheet currently reflects the posters as profit, not inventory. Norm moved to have the posters reflected as inventory next year, Harold seconded and the motion was accepted. It was noted that 1 of 7 books sold are sold at The Cape. Lorne and Brendan’s work with the audit was acknowledged and thanks were kindly given. The Financial Report was accepted by Gordon and seconded by Bert Ralph.
A physical inventory of books took place and it was confirmed that there are currently 433 copies of Let There be Light as well as 391 copies of Sentinels of the Strait.
Kevin asked if it was possible to increase the standard donation that the Alumni contributes. A discussion ensued; Kevin put forward a motion to increase the standard deduction to $300, Norm secondes and the motion was accepted.
Les discussed the upcoming visit and project with Lobster Head Cove taking place on August 6, 2011. The day will included an art workshop with Les as well as a talk on light stations and Morse Code. Parks Canada will provide a place to stay but members will be responsible for their own expenses.
The Polaris Award will be taking place; further discussion will take place at the next meeting.
Harold has now started working on new material for a potential new book; this will be discussed at a future meeting.
Murray discussed the operating of postal services at Cape Spear. The Cape will not be a full post office however the Alumni will be provided with stamps and we can provide pre stamped postcards to visitors. It will cost in the area of $200 for 1000 postcards and $300 for stamps. The Alumni can charge visitors a set fee for a pre paid post card which will be stamped from Cape Spear and mailed by the Alumni. Murray put forward a motion to accept the postcard purchase and resale and Anne George seconded.
Gary informed the group that the Income Tax Returns and GST Returns have been filed. Gary also passed along condolences to Ed on the passing of his nephew and informed members that a sympathy card was sent to Ed and his family.
Round Table:
Norman confirmed that it costs $83.55 per year to maintain the new site. The website has been updated and members were encouraged to go online and have a look.
Bert noted that the Alumni was requested to make another trip to St John Bosco for the art project; he also added that Bell Island would like a visit and there are art kits still in stock and available.
Murray noted that Canada Post will provide a sign for use at Cape Spear to promote awareness that postcards and stamps are available. Murray will also investigate if it is possible to get a student worker for the season.
Les informed the group that he was invited by the Knights of Columbus to speak at Mary Queen of Peace. The feedback received was very positive and well received. Les also noted that the NL Soccer Association may be placing an order for more books in the future.
Gary informed the members that there are currently 16 paid up members of the Alumni.
Round Table concluded - the next meeting will be held on June 10, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. at the Cape Harrison Boardroom SSB.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2011

Cape Harrison Boardroom, CCG Southside Road
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Gerald Squires, Brendan Rose, Lorne Humphries, Kevin Dormody, Jerry Duggan, Anne George, Bea Noel, Murray Smith, Norman Porter, Bert Ralph, Gary Rose, Ed Matthews
Call to Order: 9:30a.m.
Ed Matthews called the meeting to order.
Matters Arising:
Ed introduced Bea Noel who took a few minutes to speak on CCG’s 50th Anniversary occurring on January 26, 2012. She outlined some of the activities and commemorative items that have been proposed. Among the activities were: CG day on Parliament Hill and enticing the Governor-General to be invested during the anniversary year. Some of the items suggested were: a coin or series of coins (and she was asking for stories to go along with them); stamps (with the flag and a ship) and a logo/slogan for the year long celebration.
Bea asked the Alumni members for some ideas on events throughout the year, even if it meant piggybacking on other events. Ed suggested that there should be an alumni representative on the Anniversary Committee and Bea agreed.
Minutes of the March, 2011 meeting were read by Gary Rose, approved on a motion by Bren Rose and seconded by Kevin Dormody.
Gary read the financial report and it was agreed that the GIC money will not be used; money in the bank will be used for book reprinting if needed. Burt Ralph moved for approval and Gordon Butler seconded.
Murray confirmed that Cape Spear postcards will be pre stamped with the specially created Post Office rubber stamp.
He also stated that Cape Spear is the first ‘museum’ to buy these and the Post Office is hoping to create a niche across Canada at other museums. Murray hoped that the pre stamped postcards that are sent out will generate more traffic to the site. Also, open/closed signs with time slots were made very cheaply by Wade Atlantic. Art Classes offered to various Grade 5 classes in schools in and around the city were a great success this past year. Burt Ralph commented on the innovative and fun way that Les works with the kids. He related a story of a grade five student from a dysfunctional family that won an art kit and subsequently discovered that she had artistic talent. She is now finishing Grade 9 and has excelled in all subjects. Jerry Duggan informed us that the graduating class of St. Augustine’s High School on Bell Island was the first Grade 5 class that had participated in the Art Class. Their creations are displayed in the school and the visiting Superintendent was very impressed with the work.
Kevin Dormody, a member of the Knights of Columbus, suggested that a youth group, called the Columbian Squares, consisting of 12 kids, would benefit from participating in Les’s art classes at the Cape. This is currently in the works.
Ed thanked Jerry, Burt and Les.
Ed revealed that through a vote, the Polaris Award would go to the Captain and Crew of the George R. Pearkes for their help and support of the ‘Sentinels of the Strait’ book launch. Stephen Decker will receive a framed picture of the second book cover. The Polaris Award will be hung in the Pearkes.
Next April, at Cape Race, the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is taking place. Burt said it was a big deal last year put off by the Southern Shore Development Association. Among the activities was a re-enactment of the distress call with Jim Lambe representing the officer who took the original message from the Titanic. Ed is to talk to Jim Lambe about the event and how the alumni could get involved. Lorne will contact the Southern Shore Development Association.
Cape Spear site has only John Summers to work – 7 days on and 7 days off. Gina suggested a YM-YWCA program that supplies interns at no cost. Gina to send Ed the Coordinator’s information.
In August there is a one day celebration at Lobster Cove Head in Gros Morne. Les will be offering his art classes and Gerry Cantwell will do a talk on life at a lighthouse. Jerry Duggan is tentatively booked to demonstrate the Morse code. Accommodations will be paid but all other expenses must be paid by the alumni attendee. Murray suggested that these other expenses could be paid by the Alumni. Ed and Jerry feel that it is a principle of the Alumni not to pay member’s expenses and that it is a selling point of the Alumni.
Lorne put forth that the Alumni needs recruits from other parts of NL besides the Avalon area. It was suggested that these members have the choice of participating via teleconference or as Anne recommended, some of the meetings be held in a more central location so more people would participate.
Ed did not hear from Fabian Manning’s office about possible funding for the Cape so Ed is not going to follow-up. Kevin suggested that the Alumni write a letter to the Minister about the Cape closure. Ed stated that the Alumni doesn’t get involved in the political side of things.
Round Table
Norm revealed that he had a demo of the website on his laptop for those members who wanted to check it out after the meeting. Ed thanked Norm on his work.
Jerry showed the group his own book on the Duggan family that he had put together and had printed through a web site, called BLURB originating out of Los Angeles. The total cost was $62. He related that Harold Chubbs was working on a lighthouse book and that he should probably go this way.
Also discussed was that the Alumni currently pays $24 printing cost per book but thousands of dollars to put it together. Perhaps using this website is an alternative that can drastically cut costs.
Lorne mentioned Zeta Cobb and her development of Fogo Island and suggested asking her for help with the Cape, may be worth exploring. Jerry said he would bring some books on his summer trip to Fogo Island just in case he gets to meet her. Gerald Squires suggested that the Alumni offer to put the museum in Fogo. Ed stated that these and any other ideas should be put to him and discussed at the next meeting.
Gordon recounted that 11 years ago the first book was donated to the Bay Roberts Museum. He asked that the museum in Port aux Basques be given a complimentary copy of the second book. Ed was in agreement.
Ed passed on best wishes to Gerry Squires’ daughter who is ill.
Round Table concluded – the next meeting will be held on Friday, September 23, 2011 at 9:30am in the Cape Harrison Boardroom, when a new president will be elected.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
September 23, 2011

Cape Harrison Boardroom, CCG Southside Road
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Brendan Rose, Lorne Humphries, Jerry Duggan, Bea Noel, Norman Porter, Bert Ralph, Gary Rose, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, John Summers, Melvin Burt, Harold Chubbs
Call to Order: 9:30a.m.
Ed Matthews called the meeting to order and introduced Bea Noel to the members. Heartfelt condolences were passed along to Gerry Squires whose daughter passed away.
Condolences were also passed to Harold Chubbs who lost his sister.
Gary read the minutes from the June 10 meeting; the minutes were moved by Norman and seconded by Gordon.
Bea Noel gave an update on CCG’s 50th Anniversary (occurring on January 26, 2012), she outlined some of the activities and commemorative items that have been proposed to honour the occasion.
Events and items being considered include:
green ball a book of stamps may be produced in January
green ball commemorative coins available from June 2012 (with a silver coin at $100 and a painted coin at $25)
green ball A Calendar of Events
green ball The Investiture of the GC in the Pacific Region
green ball A CCG Open Day/Community Days
green ball A Coast Liners newsletter
green ball A Now and Then display with equipment, uniforms etc (possibly at The Rooms or The GeoCentre)
green ball 50 Faces of CCG (published brief stories/bios)
green ball A user pay dinner
green ball Girl Guides Badge/children’s contests
green ball Harbour symphony
The timeline will be noted on the CCG website and the Alumni were encouraged to review the planned activities and support in any way they can. The Alumni noted they would be pleased to provide whatever support they can.
There will be an online store for individual orders of Anniversary products, this may be found at
Gary read the financial report to members. Cape Spear revenue is down from last year, possibly due to the weather, but it has only been opened half time on a week on/week off basis this season. A discussion ensued concerning staffing with members agreeing to bring the matter forward to a future meeting for review.
Gary asked if the Alumni need to consider reprinting their book. Ed put forward a motion to order 1000 printed copies, this was moved by Jerry and seconded by Lorne.
The charitable donations were reviewed and the members discussed making a donation to Oxfam for famine relief. Members also discussed setting aside a sum to donate when unexpected causes come up. Lorne moved to set aside $500 for this cause, this was seconded by Jerry.
Norman informed members that he can put together a slide show on Marine History if it is required for the Alumni or upcoming events.>br> Murray is currently in Halifax and was unable to provide an update on the new stamps however John noted that the postcards themselves were somewhat lightweight. A discussion was held with a view to purchasing a new style postcard next season that will be prestamped. The Alumni were very pleased with the outcomes of the project and will discuss the matter further at an upcoming meeting.
It was noted that Costco have the art kits for sale again, twenty were purchased using funds from the IKM donation. Costco were asked if they were able to provide a charitable discount but this was not available.
Gordon wanted to initiate contact with the museum in Port aux Basques however they were closed so he will have to try again in the future.
Norman presented a wonderful PowerPoint Presentation on the Lobster Cove Head visit. Gerry Cantwell and Les Noseworthy did a great job and there was very positive feedback including several thank you letters and write ups in the Western Star and The Telegram. Les received over 300 people on the day and delivered a drawing class which was very successful. Several art kits were given out during the day as well as posters and pencils; a box of books was also sold at the event. Overall it was a great success. It was suggested that a similar event could be considered for the Cape next season. Ed concluded the discussion by reading a thank you letter from Parks Canada.
New Business
A motion was passed by Bert to research the possibility of having CCGAA baseball hats made; this was seconded by John Summers.
Bert asked if the Alumni could prepare a thank you letter to Mrs Noseworthy and Her daughter for their great work and help with Lobster Cove head.
Action: This will be sent on behalf of the Alumni.
Harold is continuing with his research and would like permission from the Alumni to proceed with his book – he would like to engage others to assist and would like for the book to match with the others completed by the Alumni and for consistency it was discussed that the printing be completed by Wade again. Harold moved to engage Wade to start the book and give them the book to get it started, thus was seconded by Gerald.
Les noted that he has completed a biographical book on his grandfather and had it printed by an independent printer for $45.
Round Table
Norman has added further marine history to the website, Ed thanked him for his work.
Jerry noted that in Robert Parson’s new book he makes reference to his Polaris Award which he received from the Alumni; this was his second acknowledgment to the Alumni.
Ed called for the Election of officers. A nomination was received for Gerry Cantwell to take over as President with effect from December’s meeting, this was unanimously approved. Gary Rose keeps his position as Secretary/Treasurer.
On behalf of the Alumni, Jerry thanked Ed for his work this year.
Round Table concluded – the next meeting will be held on Friday, December 9, 2011 at 9:30am in the Belle Bay Boardroom; Christmas Cheer to immediately follow.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
December 9, 2011

Belle Bay Boardroom, NAFC
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Brendan Rose, Jerry Duggan, Norman Porter, Bert Ralph, Gary Rose, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, Melvin Burt, Harold Chubbs, Kevin Domody, Murray Smith, Brian Tobin, Gerry Soper, Tom Fitzgerald, Anne George, Gerry Cantwell, Greg Twining, John Summers. Apologies: Lorne Humphries
Call to Order: 9:30a.m.
Ed Matthews called the meeting to order and introduced Gerry Cantwell as the new President. Ed will be conducting this meeting and then will handover to Gerry Cantwell as the new President.
Gerry Squires has had his open heart surgery and is now recovering, Ed visited Gerry and delivered a fruit basket on behalf of the Alumni.
Ed welcomed Brian Tobin to the Alumni.
Gary read the minutes of the September meeting which were moved by Anne George and seconded by Brendan Rose.
Gary delivered the current financial report, Gordon made a motion to accept the report, Greg seconded the motion, all accepted.
Business Arising
Valerie Dwyer is now the Coordinator for the Coast Guard 50th Anniversary celebrations.
Gerry provided an update on the Rooms and Geo Centre, they are currently waiting on dates from the Geo Centre. A committee may be needed to help with the Anniversary events; Norman, Kevin, Anne and Jerry volunteered to help – Bert Ralph may be able to help on an ad hoc basis.
Ed made enquiries concerning CCGAA baseball hats and was given a rough cost of $20 - $25 per cap. Ed will get a firm quote and get back to members. Action: Ed Matthews.
Letters of thanks were sent to the Cantwell and Noseworthy families for their help with the art project in August.
New Business
Cape Spear staffing – last summer the Cape was open on a week on, week off basis and the weather played a part in the low numbers. John’s contract only allows him to work every other week, the weeks he isn’t working will need to be staffed. Murray suggested that the Alumni can apply for a student grant and that if doing so, applications may need to be in by January. Murray will work with Gerry to apply. Action: Murray Smith, Gerry Cantwell
Murray proposed an extension to the building; Gerry noted that the radio building nearby is going to be fixed up. It was questioned that if there were two buildings, both would need to be staffed. Greg noted that any improvements would be made on a leasehold property. It was asked if the Alumni could donate any equipment that wasn’t being displayed to a museum; Ed replied that the Alumni are custodians of any artefacts, not owners and it is not the Alumni’s property to loan. John Summers put forward a motion to rework the current building, including carpet cleaning, and to safely display memorabilia; Norm Porter seconded.
Gerald and Harold met with Wade and have given him information for the new book, Wade felt it would be an interesting project; the title of the book will be decided in the future. Les stated that he thought it was a wonderful idea to show the history of the lightstations and a new book would be a great investment. The new book will complement the other two books and will have photography. This will be discussed further when Harold brings the book to the table.
A letter was received from Vanier school requesting a visit for the Art project, Gerry did not have the list and was unsure if the request could be made. Jerry agreed that Vanier could be added for a visit.
Round Table
Norman informed the group that he has delivered the new book to the museum in Bay Roberts. Extensive history has been published on the website and is available for future school visits.
Les updated the group on his trip to the UK in the Spring, he told members that he delivered art classes at Haslemere Prep School and he also included a conversation on Cape Spear and presented books to the school library.
Gerry asked if we charge and record GST purchases? It was discussed that the Alumni is a charitable organisation and assets are reflected on cost, not future profit.
Round Table concluded – the next meeting will be held on Friday, March 23, 2012 at 9:30am in Cape Harrison Room, SSB.