CCGAA Meeting Minutes
March 23, 2012

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Brendan Rose, Norman Porter, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, Harold Chubbs, Murray Smith, Anne George, Gerry Cantwell, Greg Twining, John Summers
Apologies: Gary Rose, Lorne Humphries, Jerry Duggan, Bert Ralph, Melvin Burt, Kevin Domody, Brian Tobin, Gerry Soper, Tom Fitzgerald
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m.
Gerry Cantwell welcomed members and introduced Lori-Ann Warren. Lori- Ann asked to speak to Members before the full meeting started to provide an update on the 50th celebrations. Lori-Ann informed that group that the GEO Centre will be hosting a display for CCG; the display was originally going to be a Now and Then however a Communications theme developed and they will now set up a Morse Code key and audio broadcast; Les may do an art day as well as considering hosting public lectures. On the first Tuesday in May, the Captain of the Louis St Laurent will be speaking and Captain Brian Penney and Bruce English have also been approached to give talks.
The Committee is also hoping to host Community visits such as Come Home Year days and events similar to last year’s Lobster Cove Head day. There are some promotional items available including tattoos, pens and mugs. September 9 will be CCG Day at Southside Base, this will be held in conjunction with the Auxiliary. There will be an ER display, Open House in the building and a tour of one of the vessels. Also in September, on the 22nd, there are tentative plans to hold a staff dinner at a cost of $50 per person.
There may also be a photo contest. Any other ideas are welcome, please send to Lori-Ann.
: The Committee is currently running a feature running called 50 People 50 Stories, interviews and stories with staff members (current and retired) are featured on the DFO Intranet. Lori-Ann will send the template to Claudette who will then forward out to members, all members are encouraged to share their stories – it was pointed out that the questionnaire template is only a suggestion and stories can be on any format. Claudette will also arrange to have copies of previous stories emailed to members. Action: Claudette Brokenshire
Gerry Cantwell called the meeting to order and informed members of the sad passing of Norman Porter’s daughter Pauline; condolences were passed to Norman and his family. Condolences were also passed along to the family of Gerry Squires who has passed.
The minutes from the last meeting were read by Claudette Brokenshire. A typing error was noted, the minutes were then moved and approved by Greg Twining.
Ed Matthews read the Financial Report in Gary Rose’s absence. It was noted that the inventory will now be reflected by the inventory cost not potential profit, Gary Rose has a new format and this will be implemented and reflected in the next set of financial reports. Ed thanked Lorne and Bren for their assistance for completing the audit report for 2011.
There is one box of books sold to Munn insurance, Les Noseworthy has these for drop off. Payment has not been received and is not reflected in the financial report.
John Summers is storing the new order of Let There Be Light Books at Cape Spear. John has also stored some boxes at Leslie’s shop.
Harold Chubbs moved to accept the financial report, John Summers seconded.
Business Arising
Harold and Murray met the deadline of February 29th for the application for student employment. There was a second meeting held yesterday but there is no definite answer to date as there are over 100 applications after being submitted to this program.
The CCGAA application asked for four students, if two were agreed the Cape should be well staffed for the Summer of 2012. If accepted, the next step is to interview people, Harold and Murray may not find out for certain until early May with an expected start date of May 14. Murray and Harold completed an online application form, which is based on a points system. It may be possible for the students to complete a report as part of their work placement, it may be worth exploring ideas for a report for them to complete and submit to the Alumni, topics such as PR and Sales were put forward and will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting.
It was also determined that the students will not be able to wear CCG uniforms as they are not CCG staff and it was noted that staffing decisions will be discussed with John Butler before going ahead. Ann George suggested providing the students with fleece vests, which the Alumni can purchase, and leave on site. The main objective is to have the students easily identifiable as Alumni site workers.
The Executive has a $500 spending limit (outside of a meeting) and if clothing is required before the next meeting, a decision will be made and members may be contacted by email.
John Summers noted that he might be able to have assistance during the season from a Duty To Accommodate employee. John may also spend a few days training the students.
Murray informed members that display cabinets are available for sale through Ace Liquidation and units that are lighted available. Members discussed the small area, which is available for displays, at the Cape Spear Art Gallery. The installation of more display cabinets may have an affect on the number of children that can be accommodated at the Gallery (Fire Regulations would apply).
It was recognised that Murray has completed a lot of work on this project, and it was also agreed that space is at a premium at this time at Cape Spear. Murray’s suggestion for display cabinets will be moved forward for a decision if and when more space can be found at the Cape Spear Site.
There was a discussion concerning the rental and set up of a tent for a oneday event. Greg noted that the Alumni might be able to use a tent belonging to the Canadian Air Force; he can speak to his local contact to see if a tent is available and if so, will the CAF install it or will members do so. Action: Greg Twining
Murray asked if the Alumni have considered placing a wheelchair ramp at the entrance of the building. John informed that there is a wheelchair ramp already at Cape Spear and the door is opened as requested. Murray asked if there was a need to install a security alarm on the main door. A discussion ensued concerning security, health and safety and liability insurance at Cape Spear. It was suggested that Real Property maintain the area and are also responsible for safety and insurance. Gerry will check to ensure that this is correct. Action: Gerry Cantwell
Ed Matthews informed members that the printing store “The Box” on O’Leary Ave and will do an order of 30 hats (with logo) at $12 - $14 per hat. The logo will be digitized and can be used again for other products. Ed put forward a motion to order 30 hats, which will be made available for resale to members; Norman Porter moved and Greg Twining seconded the motion. Ed will proceed with the order. Action: Ed Matthews
New Business
Ed Matthews confirmed that a donation was made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in memory of Gerry Squires and a motion was put forward to donate $50 to the Children’s Hospital in memory of Norman Porter’s daughter. Ed moved and John Summers seconded the motion.
A motion was put forward to make $50 the standard amount donated towards flowers or memorial donations on behalf of the Alumni. Greg Twining moved the motion, Ann George seconded and all members agreed.
Gerry informed members that there is a written loan agreement in place with the GEO Centre, information is provided on all items given and this is documented. More storage shelving is required for the Alumni Artefacts that are stored in the CCG South-Side storage shed. Maritime Services is addressing this problem for the Alumni.
Two of the Alumni display cabinets have been provided to display artefacts that the Alumni have provided to the GEO Centre for the CCG 50th Anniversary Celebrations. These cabinets are listed on the loan agreement that the Alumni has with the GEO Centre.
Round Table
Harold Chubbs informed members that he has started working on the book since the last meeting and Wade now has about 20% of the first draft proof read. Photos will be reviewed at a later date, as it is quite a large project. Harold had two of the stories with him, copies were emailed to members and copies will be available at the next meeting for those Alumni who are not on email.
Murray Smith stated that he hoped the upcoming Budget would bring good news.
Les Noseworthy, Jerry Duggan & Gerry Cantwell have been to Bell Island School with the Art Project making this the 7th year. There are students graduating next year who have previously attended the Art classes and they make take the painting they completed seven years ago and add the imagine to their graduation paperwork.
Gerry Cantwell thanked members for their work at Bell Island and noted that Jerry Duggan has made arrangements for the Bell Island students to visit Cape Spear when it opens for the season. Vanier School is the next planned school visit (after the Easter break) and it is expected that there will be two French Immersion classes and one English class. There are approximately 55 students in the three classes.
John Summers and Les will work together to monitor the book inventory and John will bring the books to Les for storage; if the Radio Beacon Building at Cape Spear becomes available to the Alumni, we may be able to use this building for some storage.
Gerry thanked all members for their attendance and contributions to the association.
Round Table concluded – the next meeting will be held on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 9:30am in Cape Harrison Room, SSB.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
June 22, 2012

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Norman Porter, Ed Matthews, Harold Chubbs, Murray Smith, Anne George, Gerry Cantwell, Greg Twining, John Summers, Gary Rose, Lorne Humphries Jerry Duggan, Bert Ralph, Melvin Burt, Brendan Rose. Apologies: Kevin Domody, Brian Tobin, Gerry Soper, Tom Fitzgerald, Les Noseworthy, Gordon Butler.
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m.
Gerry Cantwell welcomed members and introduced Leigh Antle on behalf of the CCG 50th Anniversary Committee.
Leigh asked to speak before the full meeting started to ask if any members of the Alumni would like to share their stories for the 50 People 50 Stories feature currently running on the DFO Intranet. It was pointed out that the questionnaire template available is only a suggestion and stories can be on any format. Copies of the template were handed out, additional copies are available upon request.
The minutes from the last meeting were read by Claudette Brokenshire. A typing error was noted, the minutes were then moved and approved by Greg Twining. As the minutes are posted either electronically or in the mail, it was suggested that at future meetings, the minutes are not read but any errors or omissions will be noted and minutes from previous meetings are also available from the Alumni website. Agenda items will now be requested ahead of meetings and an agenda will be available at each meeting. This was moved by Bren and seconded by Greg.
The financial report was read by Gary, paper copies are available upon request. Anne asked if the annual scholarship is recognised as a CCGAA scholarship, it was confirmed that it is. Gary asked if members wanted the GIC maintained where it is for one year, a discussion ensued; Jerry Duggan moved to accept that the GIC is renewed for one year and Murray seconded the motion.
Business Arising 1. Summer Student @ Cape Spear & CCGA Uniform/Clothing Murray informed the group that Stephanie Decker started work at Cape Spear the previous week and was working a one week on one week off rotation with John Summers. It was noted that Stephanie’s hours are slightly more than the grant which was received which means that over the season, it may cost in the vicinity of $519 plus Workers Compensation premiums. Murray moved to keep that schedule and pay the additional costs, this was seconded by Greg Twining.
It was also noted that uniforms are no longer being provided for shore based staff and CCG are not providing uniforms for Cape staff.
2. If there may be a CCG employee available under Duty to Accommodate to assist at Cape Spear (John). There was previous discussion of a Duty to Accommodate being available for the Cape but the gentleman in question is no longer available.
3. Hats with CCGA Crest Ed has ordered the CCGA hats and they are now available for purchase at $15 per hat.
4. DND tent for Lighthouse Day @ Cape Spear DND have agreed to loan the Alumni a tent for Lighthouse Day and will provide two sections of modular tents. Sgt Windsor is the contact for making final arrangements and he can be reached on 570-4522; there is a Corporal also available to help on the day. Gerry will contact Parks Canada to confirm the location of the tent; it is anticipated that the tent will need to be set up around 11 am and dismantled around 5pm.
5. Alumni Insurance Policy & Alumni liabilities @ Cape Spear Art Gallery Gary informed members that the insurance has just been renewed with Munn Insurance, we have a $1 million liability coverage as well as coverage of $100,000 on the paintings, there are three separate paintings not insured as they have not yet been appraised. Ed Roche appraised the last time noting $5000 or less can be covered by current insurance. We don’t have insurance to cover Directors or Officers as that wasn’t part of the current policy. This may be discussed at the next meeting.
6) Schools visit to The Art Gallery @ Cape Spear & visits to various schools. Three recent visits have taken place with over 140 kids from Vanier, Lakecrest and Hazelwood taking part, it was a very successful year.
New Business Work to the site is ongoing, there is a new eaves trough and the building is being repainted; work is ongoing on the steps and new steps are being installed. The Emergency door has also been fixed.
A discussion was held concerning the travel costs of the new staff member. Murray moved to research the Parks Canada policy with a view to implementing a similar policy for the Cape Spear Alumni staff member who is working there for the season. Greg seconded this motion.
A discussion was held concerning the insurance coverage on the paintings. Ed suggested reviewing the inventory list and maintaining the $100,000 coverage, to increase to $150,000 would cost $178 per year. Norm moved to accept, Bren seconded the motion.
It was noted that Director’s and Officer’s liability coverage is not included in the current insurance. Rough estimates between $800 and $1200 have been provided. Ed made a motion to get a policy to cover Director’s and Officer’s liability, Jerry Duggan seconded.
Ed noted that 1000 posters were printed but there are not very many left, it can cost in the region of 50 cents per poster for a print run. Gary moved to order a printing of 1500 posters, John Summers seconded the motion.
Harold informed the group that the new book is progressing well and is now in review phase.
Round Table concluded – the next meeting will be held on Friday, September 21, 2012 at 9:30am in Cape Harrison Room, SSB.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2012

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Brendan Rose, John Summers, Gordon Butler, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, Harold Chubbs, Anne George, Melvin Burt, Gary Rose, Jerry Duggan, Bert Ralph, Gerry Cantwell, Greg Twining.
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m. Gerry Cantwell welcomed members.
Business Arising 1. Review of errors/omissions in the previous meeting’s minutes revealed none.
2. Additional Costs for Summer Student at Cape Spear, Summer 2012. Gary Rose reviewed the financials on the summer student from the balance sheet and commented on the volume of paperwork required to apply to the various programs to employ a student. Gerry talked about a better plan to figure out how to obtain two students. He also gave the summer student much praise for her work.
3. Alumni Insurance Director/Officers and insurance increased on Artwork at Cape Spear. Gary revealed that there is a plan in place to increase the insurance for Directors/Officers from $1300 to $1800. There was a show of hands and all were in favour to go ahead. Insurance was increased by $50,000 on the artwork as well.
4. Alumni Investments Gary said he has also invested some money at a small interest rate totalling $21,000.
5. Radio Building at Cape Spear and work on Art Gallery Building Gerry Cantwell says work is continuing to be done on the radio building and the Art Gallery Building and that the renovations are coming along.
6. Alumni and CCG 50th Anniversary Committee Lighthouse Day at Cape Spear July 14,, 2012 The Alumni and CCG 50th Anniversary Committee Lighthouse Day at Cape Spear was a superb success Gerry proclaimed. Emergency Response was there with a coffee tent. Jerry Duggan praised Paul Bowring for his walkabout with the Senator. Through Greg Twining’s contacts, the Armed Forces had a tent set up with some very engaging members manning it throughout the day. They were praised by Jerry as well and Harold Chubbs suggested that we send a letter of appreciation to the Armed Forces section. Gerry Cantwell added that we could donate some books to their library as well. Also there should be a future discussion about having an Alumni Day.
New Business 1. Report on Alumni Expenses to date for 2012.
2. Report on Alumni Income to date for 2012. Gary reviewed both the Alumni expenses and income to date. He spoke of the Alumni giving money in memoriam and asked how far down the line of families do we give money. Discussion ensued on setting guidelines. Bert Ralph suggested that we cut the amount from $50 to $25 so that children may be included. Greg Twining motioned that we cut the amount to $25 for spouses, partners or significant others and all other members of the family be acknowledged with a visit and a card. Jerry Duggan seconded the motion. Bert disagreed and made an amendment that children should be included. Greg supported the amendment. A vote was taken and the amendment was carried.
3. Request for Summer Students for 2013. Gerry recommended that there should be more involvement with summer students for 2013. Two students would be ideal and the people that volunteer to work through the process of applying to the various student employment programs should also be responsible for the paperwork, not leave it to Gary. Harold commented that last year they applied for 5 students but later found out that 2 was the limit for any group/business, even though the Alumni was only granted 1 student. Gerry asked if anyone, including Harold and Murray, who worked on this last year, wanted to pursue this to try and get 2 students for the coming year. Harold was interested if there was someone else involved with him. Gerry said that this year it was imperative that we have the site open at the times we set. He suggested that they ask Parks Canada to add $1.00 to their entrance fee of $3.50 ad this could be another revenue stream since sales of the books are slowing down. John Summers suggested that they talk to the tour groups about adding to their fee and possibly getting a cut.
4. Reprint of the Sentinel of the Straits. Discussion began with Greg asking how much it cost to reprint a book ($23). Gary Rose suggested that we order some in November, pay so much on them and pay the balance in January. It was ultimately decided that we had enough books available that we could put off getting more printed until the New Year.
5. Report on School Visitations
6. Requests for School Visitations Jerry Duggan reported that the school visits were excellent. He noted that students from the first Grade 5 class from Bell Island that they visited were graduating this year. So far this year, Hazelwood and St. Bon’s have requested visits.
7. Expression of Interest for the Alumni Executive 2013. It was decided that this would take place at the December meeting and new Executive members can start fresh in January.
8. Polaris Award Jerry Duggan began by saying that the porthole for the previous recipient, Mr. Parsons will be erected in the Gilbert Room. Bert Ralph had a list of people to be nominated for this award but suggested Marie Hanrahan. Jerry seconded. All were in favour and Jerry is to contact the Ms. Hanrahan.
Other Business Lobster Cover Head (Parks) partnered with the Alumni again this summer to have the Noseworthy family attend their event providing painting lessons to tourists and locals alike. The Noseworthy family was thanked for making the event very successful. Diane Noseworthy was also acknowledged for her work at Cape Spear.
Gerry Cantwell finished the meeting by presenting Ed Matthews a ‘Sentinels of the Strait’ print for giving all his time and hard work to the Alumni.
Next meeting: Friday, December 14, 2012 at 9:30am in the Gilbert Room.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
December 14, 2012

Gilbert Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Brendan Rose, John Summers, Gordon Butler, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, Harold Chubbs, Anne George, Melvin Burt, Gary Rose, Jerry Duggan, Bert Ralph, Gerry Cantwell, Greg Twining, Roger MacDonald, Brian Tobin, Gerald Soper, Norman Porter, Murray Smith.
Call to Order: 9:25 a.m. Gerry Cantwell welcomed members.
Business Arising 1. Review of errors/omissions in the previous meeting’s minutes. Bert Ralph’s first name was spelled incorrectly.
2. Handout was circulated and Gary reviewed the cost of the insurance upgrade for artwork at Cape Spear and Directors/Officers for a total of $2226.00. Gerry put a motion forward to pass the financial report and Gordon seconded. Motion carried.
3. Cost of printing ‘Sentinels of the Strait’ was discussed. Gerry had gotten a quote from Transcontinental Publishing on October 30th and the numbers were as follows:
green ball Order 200 books at $50.20 per book for a total cost of $10,023
green ball Order 500 books at $25.87 per book for a total cost of $12,9372
green ball Order 1000 books at $17.32 per book for a total cost of $17.324
green ball Order 1500 books at $15.08 per book for a total cost of $22,620
Decided to wait until March to get them printed and bound which would take 6 to 8 weeks.
4. School Visit 2013 Update - Jerry revealed that between March and June, we can visit six schools.
5. Summer Student Program – Harold is seeking help with the completion of the paperwork to enable us to hire summer students again this year. Murray will lend a hand again and he also put forth some suggestions for increasing revenue at Cape Spear. (Handout attached) Murray felt that two students supervised by John would be ideal. He suggested that maybe having a hustling type of student that would draw people in. Perhaps they could push our wares for a 1% commission. Discussion ensued and it was suggested that this would be a waste of time and a 5%-10% commission would be more worthwhile. Lorne questioned who would be paying these extra monies. All were asked if they agreed with the commission and Greg disagreed because he felt it didn’t do anything for the CG image if students were hustling. Ed also pointed out that John sells a lot of books because of his knowledge and not by pushing books on tourists. Bert suggested they make a deal with Parks Canada to share the entrance fee but Anne figured it would be a logistics nightmare. Gerry put forth that we really need to do more promotion and gave a suggestion - to put a box of posters in front of each poster displayed. Also, if each member of the Alumni sold two books a year, we could make $2000. Another suggestion was to make deals with groups like McCarthy’s Party to include $1 for us in their fee. Les suggested striking a committee to look into this problem. Other groups mentioned were the Cruise ships and Targa NL. It was decided to defer this problem to the March meeting when we can put together a committee at that time.
6. Polaris Award – we are looking for a time and a venue when John Butler is available to present it.
New Business 1&2 Gary reviewed the expenses and income to date for 2012 (Handout)
4. Gerry attended a presentation with the Canadian Museum of History and gave them our two books for their library and they seemed very interested in our story so hopefully they will contact us.
5. New Alumni Executive is needed – no takers 6. Gerry put forth a motion to pay for catering for our Christmas luncheon and meeting by the Jumping Bean – Greg accepted and Norm seconded. Motion passed.
7. Round Table Murray suggested they table a committee at the next meeting to solve the revenue problem. Bert spoke of meeting a CG member from BC who inquired about the Alumni which shows that people notice the work we do. Building next to gallery is finished on the outside. A suggestion was made to put a dumpster next to the building and we could clean up the inside ourselves. Discussion ensued after Murray suggested we use the radio building to display artefacts.
8. Wade Kearley here to discuss copyright laws and infringement. He is quite aware of the laws and has done lots of research on the subject. You are able to draw facts from other books but with other things you need to make them your own and this comes from how you phrase things. Harold should be recognized for gathering all these stories together. Wade’s role is to take what Harold wrote and rewrite it in story form with added research and facts. He sees no reason to be sued.
9. Gerry Cranford, publisher from Flanker Press came to present his proposal to print this book. Production would be assumed by the company and he would go out to printers for quotes on 5000 books for the first printing at a unit price and then tack on another 1500 at a reduced unit cost ($3-$5). Once printed, the full time coordinator will promote the books to a direct vendor Chapters, Costco and Irving, for instance. They service their own Stores and they market through social media etc. The book would be featured in a catalogue that comes out during the year. The Alumni Association would get all the royalties and if we sell above and beyond expectations (best seller), we would get 10% of the profit. Also, the Alumni Association would be owners to of the copyright.