CCGAA Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2013

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Murray Smith, Gerald Soper, Harold Chubbs, Anne George, Bert Ralph, Norman Porter, Ed Matthews, Roger MacDonald, John Summers, Gordon Butler, Les Noseworthy, Melvin Burt, Brendan Rose, Kevin Dormody, Greg Twining, Gerry Cantwell, Lorne Humphries.
Call to Order: 9:25 a.m.
Gerry Cantwell welcomed members.
Business Arising
1. Greg moved to accept the minutes and Ed seconded.
2. Alumni Executive members required for 2013. It was decided that the person in the VP position would move into the President’s position after a certain period of time. The Secretary/Treasurer’s position is to be split into two positions again. Since nobody volunteered for the Treasurer position, Gerry announced that Fred Jardine would take it when he returns from Calgary. It was decided that Bert will take the VP position for this year and Norm next year.
3. A sub-committee was formed recently to review the Trans Continental and Flanker Press’s proposal from December. Harold and Gerald went to Flanker Press and a proposal was obtained. It was reviewed by the Committee and the members and one concern raised was the royalty regime. The following was put forth: $30 will cover book with 17% royalty – 30 x 50% x 17% = $2.55 30 x 56% x 17% = $2.86
1500 books to be sold over 3 years – we buy for $4 each.
Flanker will also sell the book at Costco and Chapters and we get 17% of the cover price. They will do all the publishing and promotion so that we don’t have to get involved in any of that. A motion was put forth to accept Flanker’s proposal; Greg motioned and Brendan seconded. There was a vote and unanimous acceptance.
4. The financial report and the audit were handed out. Murray suggested that a committee be set up to look into ways of increasing revenue. Kevin asked why we are looking to increase revenue when we seem to be in good shape. Murray spoke about our revenues going down every year and we should also be looking at adding to the buildings at Cape Spear. Discussion ensued. Norm put a motion forth to accept the auditor’s report and Harold seconded.
5. A proposal was talked about last meeting about having three persons from the Alumni Executive to have signing authority. Murray moved that this be the new practice and Gerald Soper seconded. Vote was unanimous.
6. Discussion ensued about the purchase of additional copies of ‘Sentinels of the Strait’ and which option we should choose . Gerry had gotten the up-to-date quote from the Transcontinental Printing Sales Director, Ken Osmond. Greg motioned that they buy 500 books at $23.87 per book. Brian seconded. Unanimous vote passed. There was also discussion about getting the radio building fixed up so the books may be stored there. CG would have their electricians check the building out and upgrade the system, and perhaps installing a breaker. The cost would hopefully be covered by CG.
7. Report on progress of summer student program – The application was submitted on time. Murray spoke to Rick Boland, from Ryan Cleary’s staff, about having 2 students this year. He is going to try and speak to Ryan himself as well. It will be the beginning of May before they know if we have gotten the financing. If we do get to hire two people, it will be within our discretion to dictate the hours worked each day. Discussion ensued on this topic. Gerry reminded the group that we couldn’t have anyone alone out there after the Parks’ guides left. When decided, these hours will be posted on our website. To promote our site, Roger volunteered to check out the Provincial guide to see what it entails to place and ad in it. Les raised the point of asking Parks Canada to include us when they promote Cape Spear. Gerry commented on how they really are out for themselves for the most part. Les said that since they had such a great working relationship with Parks on the west coast, (Lobster Cove Head outing), perhaps they could forge one with the group on the east coast. Lorne volunteered to check with Bill Brake, (Parks) and Edna Hall, (Heritage), to see if they could work together.
8. 2013 School Visits: Bell Island, St. Bon’s, Hazelwood, Lakecrest, Vanier and St. John Bosco (visit to Bosco takes place April 18 & 19). We give away one large art kit and and three smaller ones at each school and we are all out of small kits. Gerry volunteered to speak to the manager of Michael’s and see if he could get a deal. Bert asked about getting donations for the kits and Les suggested that they may be able to obtain a donation from Mary Queen of Peace Council because of his recent presentation there. Greg motioned to add 25 kits and Kevin seconded. Motion passed.
Round Table
Gordon – asked if the book subcommittee is finished their work and he was told that it was since we had put forth a motion to accept the deal with Flanker Press. Gordon would like to participate in the proof reading to make sure of the correct terminology so he will join Harold and Gerald.
John – asked if Brian Cooper had spoken to Gerry about spackling the building and doing some touch-ups, as well as installing 2 new signs. It was suggested that he bring the old sign in to Cansel Wade company to get two more new ones made. He also said that the Cape will be opening May 1st for clean-up.
Roger – asked if we will have Cape Spear days and if we do, he would be able to talk to the guys at the Depot to help set up although advance notice must be given. Will discuss at the next meeting since it was such a great event last year.
Ed – asked if June 21st for the next meeting was fine. Everyone agreed.
Bert – wondered if someone could investigate if we could save insurance money on the art gallery.
Harold – said that we will start on getting the book out by October. Greg suggested we get 1st edition put on the new book and Harold will look into it.
Murray – asked about the display cabinets – no quotes gathered yet. Gerry suggested we should discuss it in June so we can vote on it. Harold and Murray will conduct the student interviews when the time comes. Gerry put a motion forward to hire one or two students as per grant approval. Greg seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 11:55am.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
June 21, 2013

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Gerry Cantwell, Fred Jardine, Norman Porter, Melvin Burt, Brendan Rose, John Summers, Lorne Humphries, Greg Twining, Bert Ralph, Ed Matthews, Anne George, Jerry Duggan, Murray Smith, Gordon Butler, Gary Rose.
Call to Order: 9:26 a.m.
Gina mentioned the air horn that is in one of the yards and if there was any suggestions what to do with it. Gave contact name (Linda Simms), so Alumni may contact her if they would like to take it.
Gerry Cantwell welcomed members.
Business Arising
1. Gerry welcomed Fred Jardine as the new treasurer. The Alumni Executive is now secure for 2013.
2. We now have 3 persons that have the authority to sign cheques.
3. Five hundred copies of Sentinels of the Strait have been ordered. Down payment has been made and they are to be delivered in July.
4. Gerry mentioned that there are some decisions to be made about the Radio building at Cape Spear.
New Business
1. Gerry asked if there were any errors or omissions in the March 22nd minutes. Anne pointed out an error in item #7.
2. Motion put forth to accept minutes as read; Murray agreed, Greg seconded the motion.
3. Fred gave an update on the Financial Report: Cheque to Ed, cheque to Gerry for the art kits, down payment on the books, premiums for MUNN insurance, and cheque to Fred for office supplies. The GIC is now $21,397.17 and the bank account total is $19,104.86. It was pointed out that a decision is needed on the term of the GIC.
The choices are as follows:
green ball 1year – 1.3%
green ball 18 months - 1.55%
green ball 30 months – 2%
green ball 60 months – 2.15%
Greg motioned that we should choose 30 months and Jerry seconded. Gerry thought they should hold off choosing just yet so the motion was deferred. Murray suggested that we invest in something safe like Fortis. Lorne suggested the credit union with a higher rate of interest. Lorne will check with his contact about the rate and get back to Fred.
4 Update on Harold’s book – Gordon said he has gone through it several times and Harold had told Gerry at a breakfast meeting, it was moving along and should be completed in September. Gordon asked if the title of “Facing the Sea” was set. He suggested the title “Facing the Angry Sea”, since almost all of the stories deal with storm conditions. Gerry suggested that Gordon should propose this title to Harold.
5 Summer Student Program – Murray explained that the application was submitted online and it was not received as many across the country experienced as well. He went to Ryan Cleary’s office and to Service Canada but he was told the money was already dispersed so we got no funding for this year. He was assured that the system will be changed for next year. Since John works every second week 10AM-6PM, Norm will change the time on the website.
6 Art Gallery – John has painted the building twice but two problems exist: the emergency exit door allows water in and the roof is leaking. A meeting was had with Craig Hogan and he told them that there were no funds available for repair. In August 2009, CCG took over a 25 year lease and Gerry argues that these problems existed before the Alumni took over the lease so they should have to fix these things. Gerry suggested that a meeting with John Butler may be in order to possibly obtain some money. Lorne suggested that if it is on a heritage site then we may be able to get a heritage grant via Edna Hall. Anne and Greg suggested that we use some of our money to fix the problems. Heritage Act says that no boards can be taken down from any light stations. Craig Hogan said that new legislation states that if buildings weren’t maintained, then they can be taken down.
Discussion ensued.
Lease that Gerry drew up for the radio building needs a signature. Don Llewellyn and Terry Langdon gave us containers to clean out the inside and there is some extra money available to fix up the rest of the building if we can get Dan Pike’s electrician to check out the building first.
Gary said that we have to be careful with our money especially if CG stops paying for the electricity to the building.
Gerry suggested that we ask for more repairs to be completed before we take over the lease. So we should hold off signing until we speak to John Butler and Dan Pike.
Lorne thinks that we need to look at the original lease when Heritage/Park took over the land so that we can find out if they should contribute money for upkeep.
In the meantime, John will get three quotes on the roofing.
7 School Visitations for 2013 – Because of Jerry’s illness all the visitations have been cancelled.
Motion to adjourn by Norm, seconded by Anne.
Next meeting Friday, September 27, 2013

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
September 27, 2013

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Brendan Rose, John Summers, Melvin Burt, Jerry Duggan, Ed Matthews, Bert Ralph, Lorne Humphries, Gerald Soper, Anne George, Les Noseworthy, Kevin Dormody, Norman Porter, Harold Chubbs, Gerry Cantwell, Fred Jardine.
Call to Order: 9:35 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Gerry asked if there were any errors or omissions in the previous minutes. There were none.
2. Brendan motioned to accept the minutes and Anne seconded.
3. Alumni Lease on the CG Radio Building at Cape Spear – Gerry has a hard copy of the lease. John and Gerry cleaned out the inside and will get the electrical done by Dan’ Shop. It will piggyback on the power supply of the lighthouse. The plan is to use this as a storage facility and therefore it will need a heater. Bert said that we need insurance for the contents of the building (i.e. books). Murray said that the cost would be insignificant. Les said that it needed an alarm that would be connected to the Art Gallery. Lorne suggested that other materials could be stored there as well. Murray moved that we accept the lease and John seconded. Lorne suggested that he and Gerry meet with Bill Brake of Parks Canada to see if there is any money to help in the upkeep of the building. Murray asked if Real Property was fixing the door and roof. There is no money for this so we may try asking CG.
4. Title to Harold’s book – Gordon suggested adding the word ‘angry’ to the title of the book but after doing some research he discovered that many books have this is the title so he scrapped it.
New Business
1. Fred passed out the current Financial Report. He had checked with the Credit Union and they have basically the same rates as every other bank and you must be a member. He therefore renewed the GIC with the Bank of Nova Scotia for another year.
2. Update on Harold’s book – It is now finished and ready to print. Gordon has reviewed it and made some suggestions which increased the pages from 96 to 132. Aerial photos were provided by Gerald. The cost of the book went from $29.99 to $34.99. The final bill from Wade Kearley on his rewrites totals $1977.50.
3. Cape Spear Gallery - This summer was a disaster for profits. We usually bring in between $5000 - $6000 and this year we only brought in $3300. John was taken off the Cape to paint the building at Fort Amherst so this cut the time we were open by 1/3 of our usual time.
4. Summer Student Program for 2014 – Gerry asked if there were any volunteers to work on preparing the paperwork for the summer student program. Murray and Jerry volunteered. Because of the online problems of last year, Murray is going to submit a hard copy.
5. School Visitations – Les visited two schools on the Northern Peninsula this past summer; one in Cow Head and the other in Rocky Harbour. Parks Canada provided food and 2 Art Kits were given to each school. It was a very successful visit. Jerry mentioned the disaster with the school visits last year but sees no reason why the visits shouldn’t continue in 2014. Les said that since the Art Smarts Program has been cut and the Alumni do much the same, we should visit as many schools as possible. A suggestion was made to go in teams. An email will be sent out when the visits begin so that others from the Alumni can attend.
6. Gerry asked for volunteers to help with work on the radio building and a few Alumni agreed to assist.
7. Gerry asked if we could use Alumni money to repair the radio building. In the by-laws, there is a $500 limit. CG is supposed to have $3000 available. Gerry will check to see if this money is still available. Lorne would like to have some figures when he sits down with Bill Brake of Parks Canada. Anne wanted to know what supplies was needed for the repair so she could donate something since she is not able to work on the building. Norm suggested that Gerry be able to use the money when needed. He could send an email to everyone about where the money will be used and if anyone has any objections, they could email back. Norm motioned that up to $1000 can be spent by Gerry but if more is needed then the email can be sent out for objections. Anne seconded.
8. New signs have been placed on the exterior of the Art Gallery and it was decided that they will stay out for the year.
9. Christmas Social – There were three dates to choose from and it was decided to hold it Friday, December 13th. Gilbert Room will be booked and it was decided that it wouldn’t be catered but that we would bring in homemade goods.
There was discussion on including an amendment in the Constitution to include Honourary members to the Alumni with full voting rights. Kevin motioned that this occur, and Norm seconded. Unanimous vote.
Gerry presented John with one of Les’s paintings framed. Lorne motioned that Les become a honourary member and Murray seconded. Discussion ensued on who could be included as honourary members and Lorne suggested that a committee be set up to determine who should get any award for their work with the CG. Gerry asked that members give it some thought for the next meeting. Kevin asked if charitable donations were continuing this year and they are.
Meeting adjourned.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2013

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Brendan Rose, Kevin Dormody, Les Noseworthy, Gordon Butler, John Summers, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell, Bert Ralph, Gerald Soper, Harold Chubbs, Anne George, Murray Smith, Norman Porter, Lorne Humphries.
Call to Order: 9:33 a.m.
Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Gerry asked if there were any errors or omissions in the previous minutes. Harold mentioned that the second item in the business arising was in error. There were always 132 pages in his book.
2. Kevin moved to accept the minutes and John seconded.
3. Gerry gave a status report on the Radio building at Cape Spear. He met with Craig Hogan and he had already sent out the lease. We will piggyback on the fog alarm building’s electricity. There was an expression of interest sent out for taking over all the buildings (closed May), and an organization has put forth a business plan. No matter what happens, CG will continue to take care of the light. Real Property currently owns the Art Gallery and Radio Building and when talking to Craig, Fred and Gerry got the impression that he didn’t really want the Alumni there. He said that the lease can be cancelled by either party in one day.
New Business
1. Lorne met with Bill Brake at Parks Canada and the department will be able to take on $6000 for the roof; they just have to determine when it can be done. Parks realizes that having CG on their site is good for the site. Lorne will follow up on this in the next week.
2. Fred passed out the current Financial Report and went through it. mentioned that he was having trouble getting written bank statements and went to the bank helpdesk. Kevin asked if they really needed a post box rental since the cost is $170.00/yr. The bank suggested we have a permanent address. Murray moved that the report be accepted.
3. The official launch of “Facing The Sea” at the Railway Museum went well. CBC and VOCM were there as well as Jack Harris. They also had a book signing at Costco, Coles and Chapters. Books are moving very well; Costco has sold $1000 worth of books. Fred spoke to Dennis O’Keefe about setting up on the Harbour front during the cruise season. He will follow up with Dennis on this.
4. Summer Student Program for 2014 – Murray applied for two students and he did receive a computer confirmation as well as a confirmation letter that the application had been received. He will be reminding Ryan Cleary that the application is in and confirmed. Notification of receiving the students will come in April; earlier than earlier years. Murray suggested that they meet with tour companies, taxi groups and Destination St. John’s about becoming part of a package. Fred suggested that he speak to Dennis O’Keefe about speaking to these groups. Bert suggested we sell in the Mall next December. This will be investigated.
5. Norman asked about the royalties on Harold’s book and Anne read from the contract with Flanker Press.
6. Motion to accept the bill for the food provided for the Christmas Social put forth by Harold and seconded by John.
Next meeting will take place Friday, March 21, 2014 in the Cape Harrison Boardroom.
John motioned to adjourn the meeting and Fred seconded.