CCGAA Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2014

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Anne George, Norman Porter, Murray Smith, Greg Twining, Lorne Humphries, Les Noseworthy, Ed Matthews, Bren Rose, John Summers, Gordon Butler, Bert Ralph, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell, Melvin Burt
Call to Order: 9:32 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from March 21st Minutes – Funding for the Radio Building. Lorne said that Parks Canada agreed to keep supporting the Radio Building because it gives value to their site. The cost of the roof is approximately $6700 and the work will be done by the same contractor doing work for Parks and the bill will go to Parks Canada. We still don’t have a lease on this building but we do have a 25 year lease on the lightkeeper’s house. Real Property says they or us can break the lease with a day’s notice. Following this was discussion on the expression of interest put out by RP that closes end of May. If nothing comes out of the expression of interest, the Alumni need to get a lease drawn up.
2. Summer Student Program 2014 – In our application we asked for two students for 16 weeks. Murray is supposed to hear from Ryan Cleary about whether we will get two. They would be paid $10/hr for 35 hrs/week. They must be MUN Students so this ad will be posted on the MUN site and with Service Canada. We find out by the end of April of the candidates. Discussion ensued on how to keep the store open longer using either students or volunteers.
3. Cruise Ship season was then raised and Fred talked with the mayor and he was receptive with the idea of providing us a space on the wharf. When the season starts, Fred will contact the mayor and he should Fred in touch with Destination St. John’s.
4. Lorne suggested that we all need to find ways to generate revenue such as putting one of our books on a tour bus or putting our posters in Tourist Chalets.
5. We have received a royalty cheque totalling $5209.80 from Flanker Press for ‘Facing the Sea’.
New Business
1. Fred reviewed the financial report. Greg moved that the report be accepted and Anne seconded.
2. He also went through the Financial Audit and Murray moved for acceptance and Anne seconded.
3. Gerry brought up the fact that we need to put in the Constitution that now Honourary members have voting rights and he asked for a volunteer to do so and Gordon Butler agreed.
4. Greg moved that the Executive should have the authority to spend funds to put a new door on the art gallery. Norman seconded the motion. Murray moved that the Executive should have the authority to spend funds to fix up the inside of the radio building and Norman seconded the motion. John will get a quote from the contractor. Lorne suggested we roll these costs in with the roof bill that Parks is funding. This idea was unanimously accepted.
5. Discussion around placing the book ‘Facing the Sea’ and putting it in e-book form. According to our contract, we get 25% royalties. Greg moved we accept the e-book form and Fred seconded.
Round Table:
Les – Knights of Columbus are issuing a cheque to the Alumni for our work. Gerry wanted to leave this matter for the next meeting.
Bert – Wondered if the school program was going ahead and it is. He also suggested that we show our appreciation for Harold’s book by framing the poster of the book cover. Also, he requested that Bert’s book go to the MUN Women’s group collection. Greg moved to do this and Murray seconded.
Fred – Reminder that Alumni dues are due. He also noted that we received a ‘thank you’ note from the Gathering Place for our donation.
Discussion ensued on perhaps giving a donation to the Healthcare Corporation. Greg moved we donate $100 and Murray seconded, and unanimously accepted.
Next Meeting: Friday, June 20, 2014.
Anne moved to adjourn.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
June 21, 2014

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Anne George, Brian Tobin, Harold Chubbs, Gerald Soper, Norman Porter, Lorne Humphries, Les Noseworthy, Bert Ralph, Bren Rose, Gary Rose, Jerry Duggan, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell, Murray Smith
Call to Order: 9:29 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from March 21st Minutes – Word ‘put’ was left out in the section on the Cruise ship season.
2. Summer Students – Rachel, who is a history major, is an excellent selection for this year’s summer student. Murray said that she is doing a great job and enjoying herself as well. Bert commented that when they were at the Cape with the kids, Rachel and John were selling books and posters.
3. School Visitations – St. John Bosco and Hazelwood Grade 5’s have been visited. There were three groups at each school who were shown Morse code and got to try their hand at drawing. On Tuesday they were off to Bell Island. Discussion on the experiences with the various schools followed.
4. Parks Canada – Lorne will follow up with Bill Brake about possibly rolling our work into his contract for work on his building. Discussion on when work will be done. Decided that nothing could go ahead until Lorne has touched base with Bill.
5. Other work on the buildings – Gerry had Babb Lock & Key come out last week to check on the door and they quoted $2118.75. Jerry moved go ahead and spend the money to do the work, Bren seconded and all in favour to do this work on the door.
6. Union dues owed. Norm motioned to accept the minutes and Anne seconded.
7. Financial Report – Fred went through the report; Murray moved to accept report and Bert seconded.
8. Constitution – Gordon was to revise the constitution but he is not in attendance so we will defer this discussion until September.
Round Table
Harold – spoke of selling three boxes of books in Lewisporte
Gerald – mentioned Harold’s interview on the Flanker’s website.
Norman – talked of the new Cantwell book and Gerry described some of the book and spoke of the great history of the light.
Ed – said he had spoken to Rachel and asked her to speak of the history of the paintings at Cape Spear.
Fred – Lea Cohen, of the National Library said they have two of our books and they will be getting ‘Facing the Sea’ as well. Also received a thank you for the scholarship from Jennifer O’Neill from MUN. As for having a booth on the wharf for the Cruise ship season, we would have to apply for a mobile vendor license and get $2M in insurance.
Next Meeting – Friday, September 19, 2014
Anne motioned to adjourn, Bert seconded.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2014

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Terry Philpott, Harold Chubbs, Gerald Soper, Lorne Humphries, Murray Smith, Jerry Duggan, Bren Rose, Norman Porter, Les Noseworthy, Bert Ralph, Ed Matthews, Greg Twining, Gordon Butler, Gary Rose, Kevin Dormody, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell, Anne George
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from June 20th Minutes – Ed Matthews not included in the Attendance listing.
2. Alumni Constitution and Bylaws Change – Gordon Butler tabled the word changes to the section pertaining to Honourary Members. MOVED BY Greg Twining, SECONDED BY Lorne Humphries to accept the amended clause to the Constitution and Bylaws. A question was asked concerning who will be considered as Honourary Members. A discussion took place and it was agreed to revisit this clause in relation to categorizing who would be made Honourary Members. MOVED BY Kevin Dormody, SECONDED BY Fred Jardine to have Les Noseworthy given full voting rights in the CCGA Association.
3. School Visitations – Jerry advised visits have been made to a school on Bell Island, Hazelwood and St. John Bosco. These visits are a learning experience for the Grade 5 students. Students have the opportunity to show their artistic talents as well as learning how to send a message using morse code.
4. Parks Canada – Lorne informed members there has been no change in dealing with Parks Canada. He is still working to get in contact with Bill Brake.
5. Repairs to the auto door on wheelchair ramp at Cape Spear – Gerry advised Fred has a copy of the Babb and Lock invoice for repairing the automatic door at Cape Spear. It was discovered the wrong stop on the door was causing the problem. The cost of repairing the door was $2,118.75.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes from Friday, June 20th , 2014 – MOVED BY Harold Chubbs, SECONDED BY Lorne Humphries to accept the minutes from June 20th, 2014.
2. Financial Report – Fred presented the Treasurer’s Report as of September 18th, 2014.
green ball Total Revenue - $ 7,335.35
green ball Total Expenditures - $ 6,712.42
green ball Account Balance – Sept. 18, 2014 - $25,341.98
green ball GIC Holding at June 30, 2014 - $21,744.96
green ball Petty Cash - $ 10.00
MOVED BY Greg Twining, SECONDED BY Bert Ralph to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented.
3. Cape Spear Ongoing Saga – During the summer, Gerry and Ed met with John Butler to inform him of the difficulties we are having with Real Property on the Art Gallery Building. John could not understand why we could lose the use of this particular building. In mid July, John called a meeting with representatives from Real Property; Gerry and Ed attended this meeting. Real Property advised a proposal had been received to use the building as a restaurant. Craig Hogan advised anybody taking over the building would also have to take over the remainder of the assets along with the maintenance of the buildings and new light tower. CCG would retain responsibility for the light. A proposal has been submitted to Real Property. Parks Canada has been informed about our proposal. They are impressed with this proposal. The proposal has been forwarded to Ottawa for the consideration and any recommendations as to what the next steps would be. A discussion took place where questions were asked concerning would we be the owners of the buildings and land and would we be responsible for all expenditures and / or liabilities. Based on the discussion, it was suggested that we await the response from Ottawa and to inform our members at that time with the proposal forwarded to Ottawa and their response.
4. Roof Repairs – Parks Canada have backed out. Roof repairs will continue at the Radio Building and Art Gallery Building with CCG picking up the costs.
5. Acknowledgements – Gerry thanked the following members for their work over the past year:
green ball Jerry and Murray for their work on hiring the summer student at Cape Spear
green ball Lorne’s work with Parks Canada
green ball Les for continuing to go to schools in the metro area and throughout the province spreading the word of our association
green ball Bert and Fred for taking over the positions of Vice President and Treasurer, respectively.
6. Members were asked to consider putting the names forward for the executive positions. We need to know before December who will be submitting their name in case there has to be an election process.
7. Membership – How long do we keep members on the books especially those who do not attend meetings or pay their dues? A discussion took place. It was decided to have Ed contact these members to see if they will be coming back and report back at the December meeting.
8. Revisit Motion dated September 21st, 2012 concerning the passing of a member’s immediate family member. With the existing motion, this cannot be sustained on a long term basis. A discussion took place and Greg advised he would be willing to review and rewrite this matter and bring back to the membership at the first meeting in the new year with a termination clause.
9. Status of Polaris Award – Maura Hanrahan was selected to receive this award. Usually, this award is presented to the recipient during the Coast Guard Awards’ ceremony. This year, it has been decided to present during the Christmas Social.
Round Table
Kevin Dormody presented a cheque for $150.00 from the Knights of Columbus
Gordon Butler referenced two newspaper articles – one by Robin McGrath on our book Facing the Sea and the other concerning the lives of the Campbell families at Cape Norman
Bert Ralph asked to have a notice of thanks sent to the Knights of Columbus for their donation to the arts program
Jerry wanted to welcome Terry Philpott to the Association
Terry wants to learn more about the Association
Fred advised members dues for 2014 are now due.
Gerry advised there are 74 books remaining at Cape Spear from the first 500 copies of Facing the Sea that were purchased.
11. Next Meeting – Friday, December 12, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. followed by the Christmas Social
MOVED BY Gary Rose, SECONDED BY Bren Rose to adjourn the meeting.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
December 12, 2014

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Harold Chubbs, Anne George, Roger MacDonald, Bea Noel, Jerry Duggan, Les Noseworthy, Gary Rose, Bert Ralph, Bren Rose, John Summers, Norman Porter, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell, Ed Matthews, Terry Philpott.
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from September 19th Minutes – none
2. 2015 Alumni Executive – Bert agreed to carry on as Vice President. Fred will continue as Secretary/Treasurer.
3. Addition to By-law – Included Les in the association and written in by Gordon to be added to the constitution.
4. Status of Cape Spear – The process of having the buildings assigned to us is still ongoing in Ottawa. Real property is doing survey of the land. Roof on both buildings has been replaced/repaired and real property sent out a pump truck to clean out the septic tank. Lines are good but tank is soft. A smaller tank will be dropped down in the spring. CG sent out electricians to upgrade the box.
5. Alumni general membership list – reviewed by Ed and updated.
6. We need to revisit and rewrite the motion from September meeting as to who the Alumni will acknowledge upon sickness or death of a member or spouse. Greg is not here so perhaps address this at a later date.
7. 2014 Polaris Award (Maura Hanrahan) – Expenses for bringing Ms. Hanrahan to St. John’s from Corner Brook to have the award presented are very high. Discussion on whether we should pay for them at all. Roger suggested that Gerry fly out with Wade Spurrell to present the award or wait until she comes to MUN for her work and then present it. Roger moved that any recipient of the Polaris award will not be reimbursed for other expenses related to the award. Les seconded. Unanimous vote.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes from Friday, December 12 , 2014 – MOVED BY Harold Chubbs, SECONDED BY Anne George to accept the minutes from December 12, 2014.
2. Financial Report – Fred presented the Treasurer’s Report. Gary reminded all that any donations given by the Alumni must be given to a registered charity. Norm moved to accept the report, and John seconded. It was left to the Executive to decide about giving kits to George Street Church.
3. Cape Spear Ongoing Saga – We are not sure if there will be costs associated with taking over the buildings. We don’t know if there will be a real estate value set or not. Also, anyone taking over the buildings has to be accepted by Parks Canada.
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