CCGAA Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2015

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Anne George, Jerry Duggan, Bert Ralph, Bren Rose, John Summers, Norman Porter, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell, Ed Matthews, Greg Twining, Melvin Burt, Murray Smith, Gordon Butler.
Call to Order: 9:25 a.m.
Everyone was welcomed by Gerry including guests Don Llewellyn, Regional Director Fleet and Ann-Margret White, Regional Director Integrated Business Management Services. Don gave a short summary of his various positions in CCG and spoke of all the Administrative changes that CCG Atlantic has gone through. He mentioned that the Fleet Directorate keeps track of retirees and there could be chances to attend meetings to possibly recruit members for the Alumni. Ann-Margret also chronicled her CCG work experience and agreed that since all the retirement certificates come from IBMS, then we could work with the Alumni Association to help recruit some new members.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from December 12th Minutes – none
2. Wording for new by-law change – Gordon presented the change in wording for the Constitution by-laws allowing a non-CG member to be admitted to the Alumni Association. Moved by Murray to accept the wording as is and seconded by Greg. Unanimous vote.
3. Addition to By-law – This new wording has to be put in the by-laws all present agreed.
4. Acknowledgement to a CCGAA Member – Greg was asked at a previous meeting to work on the proposed policy for donations upon death of a member or their family member. Greg went through the policy and discussion ensued. It was voted on and unanimously passed that a $50 donation would be given to an active member who has passed.
5. Paying for travelling expenses for the 2014 Polaris award recipient – Jerry was talking to Maura to let her know that the Alumni was unable to pay for her travel to St. John’s. She hadn’t expected the travel to be paid and she said she would be coming to MUN for meetings and she would advise Jerry of the time frame. Jerry suggested that we could elevate this to the AC’s office to see if he may be able to present the award. Anne mentioned that it may be nice to present after her university meetings so that her colleagues could be in attendance. Jerry is keeping in touch with her so we may discuss these options.
6. Can a non-profit organization such as CCGAA NL own property? Gary had informed Gerry that we could.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes as is from Friday, March 6, 2015
2. Financial Report – Fred presented the Treasurer’s Report and also went through all the correspondence. Red Cross was looking for a donation but all agreed not to donate; Thank you note from The Gathering Place regarding our $500 donation; Notification from MUN on the scholarship recipient, Olivia Wong and an accompanying note from her thanking the Alumni. Angela Reid from MUN listed the prerequisites for the selection of the person receiving the scholarship. Greg moved to accept the financial report and Ed seconded.
3. What does Alumni membership want to do once we have complete ownership of the Art and Radio buildings? Gerry assured everyone that we would take ownership of these buildings around May 29th. The MOU is drawn up and the survey is completed. Transfer of property should only cost $1.00. Discussion began over the fact that we can’t afford not to take over these buildings. The Radio building will be used for storage since OHS committee does not allow storage in the Art building. Anne inquired about yearly operating costs of these buildings. Gerry said it was $3000 to fix up the radio building and he is hoping that Real Property will have the repairs completed before we receive them. The alarm/electrical system was also discussed and it was determined that this should stay status quo i.e. paid by CG. Fred asked if we have to pay taxes but we do not because we are outside the City limits and inside the Parks Canada boundaries. Gordon stated that CG owns the land with the buildings on it and we will be taking control of said land and buildings. Murray said that we needed a legal document from Parks saying we have access to our property. Gerry asked for three volunteers, besides him, to form a committee to oversee the taking over of the land. Ed, Jerry and Murray will form the committee to review these agreements with Gerry. Gerry also said that he understood that once we take possession of the properties, we could go to ACOA for some help. Motion from John to take over the buildings at Cape Spear; Norm seconded and vote was unanimous.
5. Summer students for 2015 – Murray reported that the application is submitted for two students. He spoke to Ryan Cleary thanking him for last year’s student and asking him for two students for 16 weeks for this season. John mentioned that Rachel would love to come back this year and Murray revealed that she had said the same to him. As for trying to make more money, it was suggested that we ask Parks Canada to collect an extra dollar for us when they collect their entry fee but Murray pointed out that we would have to be open 7 days per week for that to work.
6. Facing the Sea – the 500 books that we initially ordered have been sold, therefore the second order of 500 books is required. Motion to order – Ed and seconded by Anne.
7. Display of the Polaris Award Portholes – Gerry suggested we should have them displayed in the Art building. All agreed.
Round Table:
Anne – reminded us that we need to be careful how we use other people’s email; she was referring to the anti-spam legislation. Murray promised to send out the instructions. Note: Gina to update the contact list and send to Gerry and Fred.
Murray – we need to hustle to make some more money and it was suggested that the committee look at this is April as well.
Ed – mentioned about people coming in on one ticket; can’t very well send them away.
Fred – reiterated that the way we improve the Alumni is to get in on contacting the retirees and inviting them to join.
9. Date for June Meeting – Murray moved that we meet June 5th.
10. Anne moved that we adjourn; Fred seconded.

Minutes CCGAA Meeting
June 5, 2015

4th Floor Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Jerry Duggan, Brian Tobin, Lorne Humphries, Bert Ralph, Ed Matthews, Bren Rose, Murray Smith, John Summers, Anne George, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell.
Call to Order: 9:25 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising:
1. Errors or Omissions from June 5th Minutes - none.
2. Acknowledgement of Murray, Jerry, Brendan and Lorne's work on the audit. There was a presentation of the Polaris Award to Les Noseworthy at his place on Thursday.
In recogniyion of his input into the Alumni Association and his work in preserving the marine history of Newfoundland & Labradot, Gerry presented Lorne Humphries with the Polaris Award.
3. Update om Ms. Hanraham; she is currently in England so when she returns we will arrange a time for presentation.
4. "Facing the Sea" books are ready to be picked up and the $2100 including tax will be paid at that time.
5. Alumni owning property - According to Gary Rose, we can own property because we are incorporated.
6. Letter to Retirees - Anne George prepared the letter that would be attached to Retirement Certificates. Distributed for viewing.
7. Changes to the wording of the Alumni Constitution about exemplary service covering honourary members have been completed by Gordon Butler, but he is not here today.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes as is from Friday, June 5, 2015. Brendan moved to accept, Anne seconded.
2. Financial Report - Fred presented the Treasurer's Report. Murray moved to accept, Jerry seconded.
3. MUN scholarship of $500 will be paid before April.
4. Lorne and Bren were thanked for completing the audit.
5. Status of summer students - we have two bilingual students for most of the season. We close on August 28, 2015.
6. Gerry met with John Boutilier at DFO with Real Property about assuming responcibility of the land including the two buildings. It is going to be signed over to the Alumni for $1.00 and we will then own the land and buildings outright. Not signed yet but there is no rush. The cost of running theses properties now has to be taken on or there is no Al;umni.
7. Investigation of funding sources - There was a discussion on power source and how the radio building has the meter that also runs to the tower. It was suggested to leave alone the topic of power and keep it as status quo.
Steps to the Art Gallery are in rough shape and need to be replaced. Until we take over, it is still Real Property's problem. FP also said that they will be replacing the roof on the radio building at some point in the new year. As for funding, Murray suggested we go to Ryan Cleary in lieu of the upcoming election and have choices for him to close from to donate to.
ACOA won't provide unless we have complete owernship. Lorne suggested that we have estimates ready to present to ACOA once we acquire the property. Fred also suggested we could apply for a Horizon' Grant. He will get the information on the process to present for the next meeting.
8. Insurance for the year for operation/protection of the buildings, art and books is $2612/yr which provides $150,000 for the house and $40,000 for the radio building. After discussion it was decided to leave it as is. As for the alarm system. Checked with ADT about the cost of a replacement system in the house plus adding it to the radio building. It would be $499.00 for each building and the alarm would be connected to a cell phone. We are now paying $527.40/yr for the service we have. All agreed that was good enough for now.
9. Changing the Alumni's name to include Newfoundland and Labrador would have a cost associated with it and there would be too much paperwork to reincorporate.
Next Meeting is Friday, September 18, 2015

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
September 18, 2015

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Lorne Humphries, Anne George, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, Murray Smith, Greg Twining, John Summers, Harold Chubbs, Norman Porter, Gordon Butler, Terry Philpott, Fred Jardine, Ruby Strang, Gerry Cantwell.,
Call to Order: 9:37 a.m.
Everyone was welcomed by Gerry and Ann-Margret White, Regional Director IBMS was introduced. Gerry asked if CG can help the Alumni when taking over Cape Spear property and upgrading the buildings. Ann-Margret wanted to know all the details of the transfer as well as ongoing work with various CG departments so she could discuss with the AC. Also, the school program would support recruitment and outreach for the CG. Les suggested that CG could be used as an arm for more promotion of the Alumni. There was a suggestion that CG send out some employees with the Alumni to enhance the outreach/school program. Ann-Margret will suggest to the AC that both groups join forces. There are lists of schools that IBMS have so these will be shared with the Alumni. Anne suggested that once the list of schools is finalized that it be passed along to the Alumni. Lorne suggested that Coast Guard Day should perhaps piggyback on Ocean's Day to help in promotion. Ruby Strang was introduced and welcomed a new member.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from June 18th Minutes - were identified and corrected.
2. Polaris Award Presentation - Maura Hanrahan received the award on September 4th when she was in St. John's for MUN and personal matters. Because of this, there were no costs incurred by the Alumni.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes with corrections from Friday, September 18, 2015. Greg moved and Anne seconded.
2. Financial Report - Fred presented the Treasurer's Report. Murray moved to accept, Greg seconded.
3. Fred mentioned the Red Cross letter looking for a contribution. It was agreed not to contribute. Anyone to pay membership dues was to see Fred.
4. Report on progress to acquire land/buildings at Cape Spear - We are in no hurry to take it over until March 31, 2016 and we asked if RP could repair the septic tank. Murray suggested that we go to the Safety Officer to put in a complaint that the steps and tank are not safe so something will get done. RP says we are not taking over all the land so they cannot do the work. Discussion ensued. Murray moved that a letter be sent to CG about the condition of the steps. Lorne seconded. Some ideas put forth: Norman wanted to erect a sign warning of the steps; Murray said that we cut the steps off now until they can be fixed; Lorne suggested we explore programs that provide money for building wheelchair accessible entrances to buildings.
5. Volunteer to explore the cost of maintain these buildings and land yearly - nobody stepped up.
6. Executive positions available - anyone interested in filling the executive positions, come to Gerry.
7. Report on summer students - Murray reported that they worked from May 25 - August 24, 2015. We closed 5 days early but this cost us nothing because of the funding. There will be a new department taking over the summer student funding but that shouldn't interfere with getting students for next summer. Hopefully we will get these two students back and perhaps try two weeks on and two weeks off next year. We received 200-400 hours more than other programs so we did well. Gerry thanked Murray for all his work above and beyond and Murray agreed to do it again next year.
8. Invitation for retiring employees - Anne passed out a copy of the letter to be included in the retirement package.
9. Cost of hosting Christmas Social - Fred went through the costs over the last four years. Anne suggested we do a cost comparison. Ruby and Gina to check out costs from various supermarkets that provides food trays for catering. The vote was unanimous to have the social again this year.
Round Table
Gordon recited a poem that he composed during a brief illness. Copy for records.
John has two electricians cleaning windows at the Cape Spear buildings instead of working on the electric because there is no phone service which needs to be re-established first. Murray raised the issue that if there is no phone service, we no longer have an alarm since the two are connected. Discussion ensued on buying a stand-alone alarm system. Les stated that there are many ways to get funding in our community and we need to determine the best routes and go apply for it. He will be speaking on behalf of the Alumni to the Canadian Soccer Association on October 9, 2015, and they will be buying some books do give out.
Next Meeting is Friday, December 11, 2015

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2015
4th Floor Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Gordon Butler, Gerry Cantwell, Jerry Duggan, Anne George, Fred Jardine, Ed Matthews, Les Noseworthy, Norm Porter, Bren Rose, Murray Smith. Call to Order: 9:37 a.m.
Everyone was welcomed by President Gerry Cantwell and Ann-Margret White, Regional Director IBMS was introduced. Ann-Margret sent regrets on behalf of the AC who was in traveling within the Region. With the newly elected government, CG is waiting for confirmation of its continued mandate; for now, it is business as usual. It is anticipated that the new Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard will be in the Region early in the new year. Note: new departmental name to include "and the Canadian Coast Guard." Within CG, corporately the Agency is focusing on the mental health of employees with sessions delivered in 2016. The retirement certificates now are provided directly from each Directorate and no longer by IBMS. Alumni letter of invitation to join the Alumni Association can still be included with the Directorate letters. Finally, an invitation was extended to Alumni to accompany CG at recruitment sessions on an opportunity basis. Wade Stagg was introduced and gave a short overview of the Fleet. Two of the new helicopters have already been delivered. Because of our aging vessels and given that new ship builds still remain in the distant future, CG is performing Vessel Life Extensions on many of our vessels. Dan Pike was introduced by Gerry. Dan suggested that a new book could be written with stories from CG Radio Operators. Dan spoke of the significant workload for Superintendents because of the larger Atlantic region. Offer from Dan to help out the Alumni in any way MCI can. Gerry spoke of the lack of funds to repair everything out at the Cape and that at this time, if the Alumni became custodian of Cape Spear, they may be able to operate the site for three to five years. The state of condition of the stairs was mentioned and Dan agreed that if the Alumni provided the supplies, on an opportunity basis, MCI may be able to support with the repair of the steps. It was suggested that Real Property be contacted about the condition of the steps. Another suggestion would be to perhaps sell one of the lights that the Alumni are caretakers of. They may be worth a lot of money to private collectors, and perhaps that could provide the Alumni Association with some funding. Ann-Margret suggested that perhaps private industry may wish to partner with the Alumni Association. Also check with the City of St. John's to see if any help can be obtained.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from September 18th Minutes - were identified and corrected. Bren moved to adopt the minutes and Fred seconded.
2. Results of the Social question - Gerry handed out the results. Majority voted to stop holding the Christmas Social.
New Business
1. Financial Report - Fred presented the Treasurer's Report. Murray moved to accept, Jerry seconded.
2. Dues - Fred announced that 5 members had yet to pay for 2015 and that dues for 2016 are coming up.
3. Candidates for Polaris Award - Bert had put together a list of worthy candidates but nobody has been chosen. Jerry suggested that we drop this for now since it took 2 years to present the last one.
4. Summer Students - Murray said that we have between January 4, 2016 - February 28, 2016 to apply for students. He also suggested that we look for a student to paint out there for a month. Fred brought up the Horizon's Grant which tops out at $25,000 and is a one shot deal which is something to keep in mind. Jerry revisited selling the Bell Island light as that could solve our funding problems.
5. Executive positions available - Anne put herself forward for the Treasurer position. Jerry moved that Anne be the Treasurer and Ed seconded. Anne is the new Secretary/Treasurer. Bert is stepping down as VP. Norman nominated Murray but he declined.
6. Final Report on negotiations with DFO Real Property - Fred suggested that we call a special meeting to go over the report. Ed said that taking over the property is a non-issue since without the Cape, the Alumni folds. Fred suggested we vote on email. Murray said that an email vote was legal and we can accept the vote in the next meeting. Murray motioned that on January 6, 2016 get Joe McGrath to reconfirm our intent to become the recipient of the Cape Spear property no later than January 8, 2016. Ed seconded and the vote was unanimous.
Round Table:
Gerry - we have to begin selling books as individuals. Murray - Surplus lights provided should be sold.
Anne - We need to take inventory of what we have in the bin and then decide what we can or should sell.
Les - We are a non-profit group so what amount of money are we permitted to receive.
Ed - There is no set amount but we have to prove that we need the money we earn to run as an organizations or give away some to charity.
Murray - Motion to propose there be a commission for the students for the number of people that pay and come into our place. Les and Jerry don't think there should be a commission. Discussion ensued. Ed said that we once tried to add our admission to the Parks admission but them wanted no part of it. Les said it has to start at the parking lot with signage to get people up to our place.
Ed - After we take over the property, we need to set up a 'Ways and Means' Committee. Also, Ed encouraged everyone to keep putting forth ideas.
Next Meeting - Friday, March 4, 2016.