CCGAA Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2016

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Melvin Burt, Brendan Rose, Gary Rose, John Summers, Ed Matthews, Lorne Humphries, Leslie Noseworthy, Murray Smith, Harold Chubbs, Norman Porter, Gerry Cantwell, Greg Twining, Fred Jardine, Anne George
Call to Order:
12:35 p.m. Gerry welcomed all members to the meeting.
Dan Pike spoke to the members concerning a meeting held between Real Property representative, CCG representative and CCGAA representatives. This meeting was a very positive move for us prior to assuming ownership of the Cape Spear buildings. CCGAA can count on Dan for “in-kind” support from him and will get good work from the workers in his section. Building working relationships between CCG and CCGAA is very worthwhile. Gerry thanked Dan for his help in moving the file forward for us.
Business Arising
1. Errors or omissions from December 11th Minutes – Errors were identified and corrected. As there was a mix up in the minutes, the December 11th minutes were not approved at this meeting. They will be approved at the next meeting in June.
2. Invitation to join – Anne will check with Gina after this meeting to see if the invitations have been forwarded to the other Directorates.
3. See above comments from Dan Pike.
4. Does the Alumni have the right to sell lights removed from a lightstation – Alumni are the custodians of these lights.
If the CCGAA wanted to sell a light, we would need to ensure that CG does not want it first. We need to check to see if there is a listing of what is in the inventory and update the list.
5. Executive Positions – The President and Vice President positions are still available.
New Business
1. Starting at the June meeting, Anne G. will become the Secretary / Treasurer of the Alumni. Fred has been in the position for the past three years. Gerry thanked Fred for undertaking the duties of this position. Fred thanked Gary and Ed for their support.
2. Fred presented the financial statement covering the from period December 12, 2015 – March 7, 2016
3. Alumni Dues for 2016 – Fred advised the dues for this year are now due. There are 4 memberships outstanding from 2015.
4. Alumni Audit 2015 and Correspondence – This audit will be completed prior to the June Meeting. The following correspondence has been received:
Thank You card from Emily Critch, scholarship recipient o Letter from Memorial University for scholarship contribution
Thank You letter from The Gathering Place
Thank You letter from the Jimmy Pratt Outreach Program (Gower Street United Church)
5. Volunteers from Alumni to investigate how we can raise money to maintain our affairs – A committee is required to investigate options available to us, e.g. ACOA, New Horizon Grants. The committee will report back at the June Meeting. The committee consists of Lorne, Les and John.
6. Report on Alumni Committee Meeting at Cape Spear – Mold has been found in the attic of the Art Gallery Building. Alumni representatives met with Real Property and CG officials on Friday, March 4th. A good discussion took place and Dan Pike was a big influence in dealing with Real Property officials. An email has been sent to Joe McGrath as a follow up to the meeting. A contractor will be hired to look at what remediation work is required to get rid of the mold. A list of other work has been forwarded to Real Property to have completed.
7. Acquisition of Cape Spear Buildings – A discussion took place and the following motion was presented:
MOVED BY Greg Twining, SECONDED BY Norman Porter that this committee as a whole accept the recommendations of our Acquisition Committee and we send a “Notice of Intent” to execute the Memorandum of Agreement, once the work described in the email dated March 8, 2016 from Joe McGrath, is completed.
All members present and one proxy vote voted in favour of this motion. Motion was carried unanimously. A copy of the email is attached.
Round Table
Greg – Asked a question concerning what are the voting procedures outlined in the Constitutions and Bylaws of our Association. The C&B would have to be checked in order to answer this question. Greg volunteered to review our constitution and possibly propose changes to it to allow for meetings and votes to proceed, seeing that the Alumni has challenges in getting the currently required number of members present and to vote. Fred will provide Greg with a copy of the constitution.
Norm – Circulated a listing of members with phone numbers and email addresses which are included in a private members section of our web site.
Murray – The T4 slips have been sent to the two students. Murray will follow up with Seamus O’Regan, MP for St. John’s South – Mount Pearl, to impress the importance of having our students available during the summer.
Les – Removal of paintings from Cape Spear – A group of members required to package up the paintings and transport them to his building. Weather permitting, this work will be completed on Thursday, March 10th.
Ed – Caps are available to members.
John – Removal of books from Cape Spear – Will the books, currently stored at Cape Spear, be going to Les’s building?
Date for next Meeting – Friday, June 10, 2016. MOVED BY Greg Twining, SECONDED BY Norm Porter to adjourn the meeting.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2015

4th Floor Board Room, SSB
In Attendance: Jerry Duggan, Harold Chubbs, Ed Matthews, Bren Rose, Murray Smith, Anne George, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell, Norm Porter, Ann Bown, Terry Philpott, Greg Twining.
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from December 11th Minutes – motion for corrections Fred and Bren seconded. March 8th minutes – Murray moved for acceptance, and Ed seconded.
2. Committee to report on Alumni raising extra funds – none of the members are present. Gerry spoke to a Parks rep about charging at the gate. There are certain legalities attached to that and it is too late for this year but could probably be done for next year. In the meantime, we could make up a small brochure to be passed out at the pay centre and lighthouse telling tourists what we are about. We could go with the HUB for printing. Vista Print online was suggested. Everyone was in favour of looking into printing these bookmarks.
3. On April 11, 2016 the Cape Spear land with the two buildings were signed over to the Alumni. Real Property said that they couldn’t do the necessary work to the buildings unless the Alumni signed. Greg made a motion to make sure that this will happen. Murray seconded.
New Business
1. 2015 Audit – financial report was given by Anne - $26,000+ in the bank.
2. Financial Statement – March to June – there are changes to the GST rebate. Anne submitted herself as a director so CRA should get back to her about the changes in the next couple of weeks. Ten thousand and ten dollars were transferred to Bank of Montreal since it is closer to Anne and the Nova Scotia branch on Cornwall Avenue will close in August. Also, the GIC at the Bank of Nova Scotia that comes up on June 22, 2016, will be transferred to BMO. Ed motioned to accept the statement and Fred seconded. Anne thanked Fred for the smooth transition.
3. Dan Pike joined the meeting to discuss work on the two Cape Spear buildings. Gerry gave an overview: the house is done and the radio building is being worked on now. The two doors will be replaced this week. Also the lead has to be removed from the outside siding and then replaced. Dan is going to keep in touch on what is needed at Cape Spear so he can get the work done a little at a time. He also spoke of getting extra funds to help out and gave an overview of what MCI is doing now. Murray suggested that the Ireland’s Island light be transferred to Cape Spear. Dan will start the paperwork. It was noted that the floor had to be shored up before the light was delivered. DFO is supplying the lumber for the steps that need to be done in the next few weeks. Dan to keep in touch to supply the people to fix the steps, and he will provide the supplies and then forward the invoices to DFO.
4. Operational Budget to cover the Cape – Insurance is $2690/yr but will probably rise to $5000/yr. Hydro is $350/mth which DFO paid.
Since we will now have to pay, heat needs to be regulated and the hot water boiler turned off in the winter. Fred suggested that the New Horizons’ grant can be applied for once we take over the land and buildings. Also, ACOA could possibly provide funds if we provide a start and end date for the project.
5. Purchase of notebooks – 1000 notebooks are to be ordered. Jerry moved and Murray seconded.
6. A vice president is needed for the Alumni. An email will be sent to all the members via email. Anne to notify the provincial government and have them remove Bert’s name as a director. Terry wondered if you are a director, are you unable to do the audit. Harold had to step down as director in order to do the audit. Terry to check with the Shriners on whether that is a legal thing or not and Fred to check with the Anglican Church.
7. Summer Students – The same girl as last year has been hired and by this weekend, we will have the second student.
8. A volunteer is needed to take over the paperwork and all the work associated with getting the summer students each year. A suggestion that John Summers may be a good fit for this. Anne agreed to help with the summary report for CRA at the end of the year as well as the record of employment. Ann Bown will take over the administration associated with acquiring the summer students. Murray to make up a schedule of things needed.
9. School visits – Les, Jerry and Bert used to set this up. But with Bert sick and Les in the UK, there doesn’t seem to be any sense this year. Since Les does most of the work, he should be the lead on the school visits from now on. Norm mentioned that Les asked him to create a presentation for him to show to a group with deep pockets.
10. Work on the Cape Spear Buildings – Norm and Fred are to help put the paintings back. Gerry is going to put out an email to members for any help. Melvin and Anne offered to help. Hopefully the move will happen on June 13, 2016.
Round Table
Ann B asked if we own the rights to Les’s paintings. We do with the stipulation that they be viewed publicly and all together.
Jerry commented on all the contributions of Bert’s over the years and that he will be sorely missed. Ed and Murray chimed in.
Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting and Harold seconded.
Next Meeting is Friday, September 16, 2016

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2016

4th Floor Board Room, SSB
In Attendance:
Jerry Duggan, Ed Matthews, Bren Rose, Anne George, Fred Jardine, Gerry Cantwell, Ann Bown, Randy Hayes, Gordon Butler, Les Noseworthy.
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from June 10th Minutes – the date was June 5, 2015 instead of June 10, 2016. Motion for corrections - Bren and Fred seconded.
2. Committee report on getting corporate, financial support – Les has spoken to an individual about supporting the CCGAA and we will have to see what comes of it. Gerry mentioned that we can all be talking to various associations and foundations as well.
3. Budget – Anne went through the handout. Randy Hayes was introduced and Gerry gave a short overview of what the Alumni does and some of its projects.
New Business
1. Brendan motioned to accept the minutes and Fred seconded.
2. Financial Statement – Anne went through the report handout. Summer was great, one of our best. Also mentioned the cards received from kids as a thank you. Jerry motioned to accept the report and Ed seconded.
3. Art Gallery program – Ann and Anne were both thanked for their work over the summer. The students were exceptional…very personable and great bookkeepers as well.
4. Parks Canada helped us out when it came to promoting the Art Gallery by mentioning at the kiosk that we were worth seeing. There is a financial stipulation having to do with Parks collecting for us as a private group but hopefully that will be worked out for the new year.
5. Future plans of the Art Gallery – Ann B. talked about the schmoozing part of obtaining the students for instance sending a memo of thanks and the books to our MP Seamus O’Reagan for his support. Gerry commented that we really need twice as many hours for the students so we can have two of them out there at the one time. Discussion on extending our year beyond Labour Day – Ed said it hadn’t worked before because the number of visitors really drops after Labour Day. Randy asked if we do maintenance over the winter. Gerry talked of the repairs being done now and already completed with the help of MCI. Randy spoke of his work and liking to get his hands dirty and also that he is an ‘armchair historian’ and how the Alumni was of interest to him. He had to leave but promised to attend the December meeting. Gordon asked if we were in the tourist booklet – we have been in that brochure as well as the Telegram, the Downhomer and the ‘What’s Happening’ magazine. It would be something to think about for next year as well. Gordon also mentioned the Manuels River Interpretation Centre with the Hibernia display. This could be another avenue to explore.
6. Renovations – interior has been completed. Exterior is ongoing – we are hoping to get them to dig around the building to get rid of the lead etc. Then the leak at the footing will be repaired once the exterior is taken care of. There have been new doors put on the two buildings but they were poorly installed. The Project Manager will be going out September 26th to check on this. DFO is to be commended since we couldn’t do all the repairs ourselves. Ed thanked Gerry for his doggedness in keeping on the DFO group.
7. Plans for school visits – Les talked to Shea Heights and they are ready to receive us probably in November. Bell Island will be another trip but there will only be painting since Bert is gone so no more morse code. Bren and Ann will accompany as well. Gerry mentioned that Randy would be a great addition with the loss of Bert.
Round Table
Anne – shared the letter from the Shriners for the donation on behalf of Bert. A cheque came from Canada Helps for $2.85. It was decided to ignore and shred it. Also a thank you from the Red Cross for our donation. Bren thanked Anne on her comprehensive financial report.
Ed – His two cousins gave $50 each for books from Alumni.
Jerry – shared the story of meeting Bert’s daughter and getting a big thank you from her as well as some pictures they were selling. She said Bert’s commitment to the Alumni was huge compared to his belongings.
Les – we should feel blessed with all the great people around this table here to help retain the Maritime History of Newfoundland and Labrador which is very important. Les spoke of Gordon Butler being the first president and of all the great people that have helped over the years.
Gerry – suggested that we prepare a porthole in memory of Bert with a small presentation at the Cape in the Art Gallery. Gerry then motioned for this to happen and Ed seconded. This will be done when the board gets a chance to put the rest of the Polaris Awards up in the Art Gallery.
Note: Bren Rose is now the new VP; Anne G. is in for Fred and Ann B. is taking Murray’s place. Many thanks for the great transition.
Les – We are the caretakers of lights like the Ireland Island light and we should get that out to the Cape as soon as possible. Obviously the floor needs to be shored up before we can. Dan Pike’s people will take care of that for us.
Next Meeting – December 16, 2016 4th Floor Boardroom.
Anne motioned to adjourn; Ed seconded.

CCGAA Meeting
December 16, 2016

notes This meeting was cancelled due to weather and will be held in the new year.