CCGAA Meeting Minutes
Janurary 13, 2017

Cape Harrison Board Room, SSB
notes This meeting was scheduled for December 16, 2016.
In Attendance: Harold Chubbs, John Summers, Norman Porter, Anne George, Gordon Butler, Fred Jardine, Ed Matthews, Bren Rose, Lorne Humphries, Tony Philpott, John Butler, Melvin Burt, Anne Bown, Jerry Duggan, Les Noseworthy, Gerry Cantwell.
Call to Order: 9:30 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
Business Arising
1. Errors or Omissions from September 16th Minutes – None
2. Meeting with Seamus O’Reagan – Anne, Anne and Gerry met with Seamus to tell him about our organization and to present him with books. He encouraged us to apply for 4 students and said he would keep an eye on the application as it goes through the process.
3. Renovations – the interior is completed on the radio building with new lights and heat. New windows and emergency door will be installed and exterior will be done with prefinished Cape Cod siding from foundation to eaves. In the Spring the hydrocarbons and lead will be removed around the foundation.
4. Alumni school visitations for 2017 – Bosco has been lined up already. Usually after April, other schools will contact the Alumni to set up visits. The usual agenda for the visit is as follows:
green ball Kids are bussed to the Art Gallery to sketch their favourite painting
green ball Back to the school and Morse code is taught
green ball Talk of life as the lighthouse and working on ships
green ball Every student takes a turn painting and all sign the back and it is donated to the school. (11 paintings at Bell Island)
green ball All students get pencils and posters and the top students get art kits
green ball Jerry will also speak to the teachers about encouraging the student to get involved with the CCG. It was mentioned that Randy Hayes would be a great addition to school visits.
5. Funding for CCGAA – Les has been in contact with some people and foundations but hasn’t been in town a lot so no follow-up. Because of economic downturn, you really can’t push this too much.
New Business
1. Anne G. moved minutes be accepted and Anne B seconded.
2. Financial Report – Anne went through the report handout. We have been charged late fees which we shouldn’t be paying. Anne B. put this into Revenue Canada so that has been rectified and now that we have changed banks, there are no bank fees either.
3. Updating the Constitution – Ron Cole did our incorporation so major changes need to go to him for approval. Gerry is to send out the proposal for changes – basically about making non-CCG people full voting members and operational procedures included. Both Constitution and By-laws will be put together with some changes.
4. Parks Canada’s plans for Canada 150 – Gerry spoke of the help we received from them last year with promotion of the Art Gallery. Hopefully they will include $1 in their fee for us. It was noted that all entry to Parks will be free and John suggested we just keep the donation box out. Motion to leave donation box out – John and Norm seconded. Unanimous acceptance.
5. Summer Students – the application is due next week for the students. The way the process works is we get points for certain things like offering a higher wage. Since they are promoting CCGAA, we need to invest in them Anne B. suggested. Moved by Ed to pay them $12/hr and seconded by Fred. Accepted unanimously.
6. Port de Grave Historic Association (John Butler) – Background: Roland Andrews, vice chair of the Historic Sites Association approached John to help transfer the lighthouse at Green’s Point the Heritage Society of Port de Grave and since Butlers are from Port de Grave, this peaked his interest. Initiative: Port de Grave peninsula has a number of historic sites owned by different groups. A very active group of 15 community leaders, headed by Roland, are endeavouring to preserve and present the history of the school, church and the fishing culture. The group is interested in making the lighthouse the main feature but also preserving the other buildings to make it a destination, with lunch included, similar to Ferryland. John met with Craig Hogan and mentioned that the church may be a great location for a CG museum. The church needs repairs but has great lighting and with most of the pews removed, it would be a great place to display artifacts around the periphery. Some pews could be left for seminars or meetings etc. This could indirectly affect the CG but certainly would be a benefit to us. We would just need to submit a proposal or business plan.
Lorne said that it would be great to spread the CG around and we need to be open to new opportunities. For cost sharing we should be in the driver’s seat since we will be providing the artifacts. Lorne remarked that we should always keep Cape Spear as our flagship and be careful as to how we spread our assets around. John mentioned that since the Heritage Society wants to preserve old sites and buildings they could be a help with that.
Anne B. asked if we are responsible for the choice, setup and maintenance of the display.
John figures we would be able to negotiate with the group.
Lorne said we should have the right of first refusal so we can preserve the artifacts and reserve the right to get them back.
Ann put forth a motion to agree in principle to associate with the Port de Grave Society and unanimous vote in favour.
7. Reprinting posters – Lorne put forth a motion to reprint the posters and Jerry seconded.
Round Table
Norm – to put a copy of the Constitution on the members only site.
Anne G. – we need an inventory of books and art kits and also member’s dues are owed
Gerry – Thanked John for his presentation and for staying for the whole meeting. Thanked Anne B. for her great work preparing and submitting the application for the summer students. Also thanked for Anne G. for her financial reports for the year.
Next Meeting is Friday, March 17, 2017

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
March 17, 2017

Gilbert Room, SSB
In Attendance: Gerry Cantwell, Harold Chubbs, Norman Porter, Gordon Butler, Anne George, Brendan Rose, John Summers, Anne Bown, John Butler, Melvin Burt, Les Noseworthy, Ed Matthews, Fred Jardine, Dan Pike.Br> Call to Order: 9:30 a.m. Everyone was welcomed by Gerry.
New Business
1. Errors or Omissions from January 13th Minutes. One correction John S. motioned to accept the minutes and Bren seconded. Gerry thanked Dan for putting LED lights in the gallery and asked if he could shore up the floor for the light. Dan will get an engineer to look at it. Dan offered help with Cape Spear and with moving the artifacts out to Port de Grave and cleaning them as well. Gerry asked if the artifacts could be stored in a CCG facility if the agreement with the Port de Grave committee falls through. John B. offered to talk to Wade to get onboard with keeping track of the items.
2. Financial Report Anne went through the handout. Norm motioned to accept the report and Harold seconded.
3. Constitution Changes Put off until June.
4. Summer Students for 2017 Anne B. confirmed that the students have been put in place.
5. Reprinting of Posters It costs us $1440 before taxes for 1800 posters with Cansel. Les suggested we check other companies like Staples and Transcontinental and Fred also added the HUB.
6. Committee Reports on Funding Les has made up a booklet that we will distribute to foundations etc about our association.
7. Introduction and discussion with the Port de Grave Historical Society Gerry introduced Roland Andrews and Vernon Petten from the society and John Boutilier from DFO. Roland thanked everyone and said that he hoped to make an MOU today. Of course before we do this, we have to make and overall plan and come up with some corporate funding. John stated that there is a lot of history out there and this is a first class opportunity to partner and benefit by setting up the museum. Parks is fully onboard as well and they will be helping to set up and telling the story of our history. Roland said as soon as the survey is completed and land is transferred, we can see maybe things being put into the church by this fall. The school basement is free as well as Vernon's store to house the artifacts. John suggested that a couple of the Alumni members sit on the board as well. Anyone interested should put their name forward. Roland asked if we wanted our logo included on the letterhead that includes Parks, Port de Grave Historical Society and eventually CCG. Gerry noted that there is no insurance on the artifacts and John suggested that they talk to Wade about custodianship of the items and we need to take ownership of the place and perhaps have meetings out there. We need to get the infrastructure in place first and then maybe it would become "for profit".
8. Round Table
Les exhibit at Cape Spear is owned by him and the CG Alumni are the custodians of the art. Insurance is needed for these artifacts and the place they are stored. Roland agreed and we need to partner on who is responsible. John will flesh this out.
Vernon mentioned that his sons are part of the auxiliary and that they would help out in any way they could. John mentioned that the auxiliary should be another partner for sure.
Harold he and Bruce Stacey collected/salvaged many items and brought them back here in the hopes of eventually having a museum and therefore he wants to volunteer his time.
Gerry talked of how Les came forward to offer his services to paint all lighthouses to preserve the history so this is another great opportunity. Also, congratulations to Les on his booklet that was done completely on his own and at his own expense. Les commented that without people like John Butler, Lorne Humphries, Gordon Butler none of this would be possible.
Anne G. Back in January, the bursary was awarded to Marshall Boland. Bert Hynes' wife has passed away so she has a card to send out.
Bren agrees with everything but we need to strike when the iron is hot.
John S. agreed to help with the transport of artifacts.
Fred wants to help with the inventory.
Gordon in the Constitution there is no need to change the Alumni association of NL to Atlantic. John Boutilier here to officially sign over the land to the Alumni. He spoke about the partnership with Gerry and all his work. He suggested that it should be recognized at the June opening, that the Alumni now own the buildings.
Next Meeting is Friday, June 16, 2017.
Motion to adjourn made by Anne G. and seconded by John S.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2017
Cape Spear Art Gallery
In Attendance: Melvin Burt, Brendan Rose, John Summers, Ed Matthews, Norman Porter, Gerry Cantwell, Greg Twining, Fred Jardine, Anne George, Gordon Butler, Terry Philpott, Jerry Duggan.
Guests Ann-Margaret White and Dan Pike from CCG; Craig Hogan, James Beresford, Jacquelyn Rodway and John Boutilier from DFO Real Property; and Tom Cromwell and Kristopher Viens from Parks Canada.
Call to Order; The meeting was called to order to 9:15 a.m. Gerry welcomed all members to the meeting as the Alumni Association will take possession of the Art Gallery and Radio Buildings.
Business Arising
1. The minutes from the March 17th meeting were not available for this meeting. 2. Art Gallery Summer Program More than 50 applications were received for this year's program. Thirty interview time slots were set up with only 15 students attending. Three students were hired. Their orientation was held on June 9th with the Art Gallery opening on June 10th.
3. Constitution Gordon was asked at the March meeting to review the constitution. Since that time, a question has arisen concerning what would happen if the Alumni Association ceased to exist. Currently, this issue is not covered by the constitution. Gordon will review again and report back at the September meeting.
4. CCGAA School Program 2017 Currently, the School Program is not being utilized. In May, Gerry and Les visited Grades 5 and 6 at St. John Bosco School.
5. Acquiring Posters of Ireland Island and Cape St. Mary's These posters have been purchased costing $1,196.00. Eight hundred of each poster was ordered.
6. Cape Spear Art Gallery and Radio Building Work has been completed on both buildings. As of June 16th, the Alumni Association will own both buildings.
New Business
1. March 17th Minutes Acceptance or rejection of the March 17th minutes will be deferred to September as they were not available for the June 16th meeting.
2. Financial Report The Financial Report covering the period from January 1 May 31, 2017 was presented.
green ball Total Receipts were $2,626.61.
green ball Total Expenditures were $1,412.93.
green ball Reconciled Bank Balance to May 31st is $41,702.72.
green ball Total Assets to May 31st is $64,910.66.
MOVED BY Greg Twining, SECONDED BY Ed Matthews that the Financial Report covering the period from January 1 May 31, 2017 be approved.
3. Splitting of the Secretary/Treasurer Position Gerry advised it is time for us to be on our own. We would need a member who attends the meetings on a regular basis to take on this role. In the existing constitution, it does show the two positions Secretary and Treasurer. A discussion took place on this subject.
Greg suggested it would be a good move by giving the Alumni its own independence.Ann-Margaret and Dan, on behalf of CCG, did offer to provide some support to the Alumni.
4. Official Transfer of the Buildings and Land at Cape Spear. This will occur after this meeting with representatives from DFO Real Property.
5. Port de Grave Historical Association Gerry provided an update on the planned partnership with this Association. A MOU is being drafted between the Alumni, Parks Canada and the Port de Grave Historical Association. Town Hall meeting was held with good community participation. A Fundraising Committee has been established to look for avenues of funding for this venture. John B. has been speaking with Dan about gaining access to the artifacts trailer. It is hoped the transfer of the church to the Port de Grave Historical Association will be completed by this summer.
Round Table
John advised shelving and paint is required for the Radio Building. It is hoped to start this work over the next couple of weeks.
Ed expressed that Les Noseworthy would really liked to have been here today and impressed with how everything has evolved. Les wishes us well as we acquire the buildings and land.
Fred has been speaking with some former CCG workers who have retired from the Fleet. These workers have shown no interest in joining the Alumni.
Anne advised that the notice prepared a couple of years ago was supposed to be included in the retirement package to all employees. It appears this is not happening. Another copy will be emailed to Ann-Margaret White.
Dan congratulated us on the accomplishment of obtaining the two buildings and land at Cape Spear. We do have a jewel here at the Cape. Succession planning is important to keep the Alumni alive. The wheelchair ramp requires a modification and this will be looked after by CCG along with some electrical work to be finished. Relocation of Ireland Island Light will take a bit longer than originally thought. A Structural Engineer will be required to ensure the floor in the Art Gallery will be sufficient to withstand the weight of the light or if additional supports will be required. It is important that we keep in touch with CCG as we can both work together.
Anne brought up about monitoring the Alumni email address that appears on our web site. A situation occurred where an individual emailed a request to us in November 2016 and was not answered until May 2017.
Norm to look at removing the email address from the web site and only using the email address for the student summer program.
Gerry advised that a committee was put together to look after the work required to transfer the two buildings and land from the Federal Government to the Alumni Association. The committee consisted of Ed Matthews, Jerry Duggan, Murray Smith and Gerry Cantwell. Through the committee's hard work, eight items were accomplished plus a lot more was completed. Gerry thanked the members of the committee for their work. Gerry also thanked the representatives from DFO Real Property and Dan Pike, CCG, for their continued support in achieving this milestone. As of June 16th, this committee will be dissolved.
Date for next Meetin Friday, September 15th, 2017
MOVED BY Greg Twining, SECONDED BY John Summers to adjourn the meeting.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2017
Operations Centre Board Room,
Southside Road Base
In Attendance Anne Bown, John Butler, Les Noseworthy, Ed Matthews, Melvin Burt, Bren Rose, Fred Jardine, Harold Chubbs, John Summers, Gerry Cantwell, Anne George.
Call To Order The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. Gerry welcomed all members to the meeting.
Business Arising (March 17th)
1. Errors or Omissions from March 17th Minutes - There were no errors or omissions to these minutes.
2. John B. has spoken to Wade Spurrell concerning what would happen with the artifacts if the Port de Grave project does not proceed. There is consensus from CCG with this initiative. The artifacts will always belong to CCG and the Alumni will be the custodian. There was good attendance at the fundraising dinner held in Port de Grave on September 9th. Wade Spurrell looks at this initiative on a go forward basis. The Commissioner of the Coast Guard is very supportive and would like to see other Alumni organizations formed across the country. The Commissioner is willing to meet with the Alumni when in town to discuss any issues.
3. Constitution Changes - Some changes have been made to the constitution. As Gordon was unable to attend this meeting, this item will be deferred until December.
4. Summer Students - Anne B. gave an update on the Summer Student Program. Three students were hired for a total of 1,170 hours of work. Service Canada paid $10.75/hour and the Alumni contributed $1.25/hour towards their rate of pay. This year, a site visit was conducted by Service Canada along with a questionnaire that was completed. The ROE and T4s have been prepared for each student. All year end reports for Service Canada have been completed.
5. Logo on Letterhead - At the March 17th meeting, Roland Andrews, Port de Grave Heritage Society, asked if the Alumni would like to have their logo included on the letterhead along with Parks Canada and the Port de Grave Heritage Society. A discussion took place on this matter. The subject of lapel pins was also discussed. The following motions were made - MOVED BY Ed Matthews, SECONDED BY John Summers that the Alumni investigate the purchase of new lapel pins with the updated logo. MOVED BY Gerry Cantwell, SECONDED BY Fred Jardine that our logo will be used incorporated into the letterhead used by all parties involved in this project. Both motions passed unanimously.
Business Arising (June 16th)
1. Errors or Omissions from June 16th Minutes - There were no errors or omissions to these minutes.
2. CCGA Constitution - Deferred until the December meeting.
3. CCG Alumni School Program 2017/18 - The school program will continue this year. It is hoped to visit the school on Bell Island and St. John Bosco School. With our partnership with the Port de Grave Heritage Society, it would be nice to see if arrangements could be made to visit a school in the Port de Grave area. People are wanting this program. Currently, we have two art kits left. Les will approach IKM for a donation towards the purchase of more art kits. More interest needs to be built so that we can go to more schools
4. Splitting of Secretary/Treasurer position - At the June meeting, this matter was discussed as support from CCG is becoming harder to get. According to our constitution, these two are shown as separate positions. John B. volunteered to take over the role of Secretary effective in December.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes - MOVED BY Bren Rose, SECONDED BY John Butler that the minutes of the March 17, 2017 and June 16, 2017 meetings be adopted as presented.
2. Treasurer's Report - Anne G. presented the Treasurer's Report for the period January 1 - August 31, 2017. MOVED BY Harold Chubbs, SECONDED BY John Summers that the Treasurer's Report from January 1 - August 31, 2017 be approved.
Anne G. presented the Draft 2018 Budget. MOVED BY Bren Rose, SECONDED BY John Butler that the Draft 2018 Budget be approved.
Anne G. presented the 2017 Cape Spear Report as of September 4th.
3. Safety Deposit Box - A discussion took place on whether or not the Alumni should have a safety deposit box to store important documents and disc/thumb drives. A question was raised concerning backing up the art discs onto thumb drives in order to preserve the art. The following motions were made after the discussion. MOVED BY John Butler, SECONDED BY Fred Jardine to back up the art discs on thumb drive(s) to preserve the art. Professional transfer to be done. MOVED BY John Butler, SECONDED BY Fred Jardine to authorize Anne George to acquire a Safety Deposit Box in the size needed to store the required material.
4. Changes to the 2018 Art Gallery Summer Program - A question was raised if it is still our intention to have Parks Canada collect the admission fee for us. There will be a meeting in early October with Parks Canada to further discuss this matter. A proper sign will be made for the Donation Box. Anne B. and Anne G. will impress on the students the need to sell our products (books, posters, and notepads). This year, we were able to stay open past the August 26th funding deadline as one of the students covered the last week of August. Volunteers will be needed for next year if we want to stay open over the Labour Day Weekend.
5. Alumni Flagpole and Flag - A discussion took place about the possibility of having our own flagpole and flag. Les has identified an area between the Art Gallery and Radio Bldg. were the flagpole could be situated. It was suggested that the flag having a white background with the rope circling the CCGAA crest was considered more appropriate. It was suggested that the Federal Identity Program Policy be reviewed to ensure we follow proper guidelines if we were to have the CCG Flag flying on the flagpole. MOVED BY John Summers, SECONDED BY Ed Matthews that we investigate the purchase of the flagpole and go forward with the design having the crest on it. Motion passed unanimously.
6. Posting of Opening and Closing Dates - A suggestion was made about putting a notice on the web site offering visits to the Art Gallery during the off season. A discussion took place and it was decided to maintain status quo.
7. Port de Grave Heritage Society and CCGAA Partnership - John B. advised that the Port de Grave Heritage Society are putting together a Master Plan for their venues. They have many assets that need to be tired together. A draft MOU has been prepared between the three organizations. The MOU outlines the Areas of Mutual Interest for Cooperation for each organization. John B. has asked Les to help from the artistic point in the church. During the fall would be a good opportunity to start transporting some of the artifacts out to St. Luke's Parish Hall for staging and cleaning. Security must be guaranteed until the artifacts are moved to the Maritime Museum for final setup.
Round Table
John S. - Rails on steps must be completed.
Gerry - advised James Beresford will look after this.
Bren - Bruce Stacey's brother passed away in August.
Ed - Bert Hynes sends greetings to the Alumni members.
Les - The Alumni did partner with Parks Canada at the Cape for Art Day, August 19th. Alumni members attended. Approximately 75 - 100 people went through the Art Gallery during Art Day. A similar day is being looked at for 2018. The general public were invited to help paint the picture. A great time was had by all. For next year, Les may look at having an easel outside.
Anne B. - Expressed concern about recruitment. More CCG retirees need to join in order to sustain the Alumni.
Anne G. - Went through the filing cabinet at the Cape. Some questions were asked concerning the length of time to keep the financial and income tax information. It was agreed that this information would be maintained along with the files containing the agendas / minutes and Directors.
Date for the next meeting Friday, December 15th, 2017.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
December 15, 2017

Operations Centre Board Room, Southside Road Base
In Attendance Anne Bown, John Butler, Ed Matthews, Bren Rose, Fred Jardine, John Summers, Gerry Cantwell, Anne George, Norm Porter, Wade Spurrell - CCG, Dan Pike - CCG
Call To Order The meeting was called to order at 9:20 a.m. Gerry welcomed Wade Spurrell and all members to the meeting.
Wade provided an update on the CCG and the injection of funds that is enabling the CCG to deliver on its mandate.
The new CCG Base building and Regional HQ is progressing well and the size of the CCG has grown from 1800 to 2000+ in Atlantic Canada.
New helicopters have been acquired and three new SAR bases being constructed on the NE coast.
The first new ship is being launched, a fisheries trawler being used to replace the CCGS Ricker.
Replacements for the Needler and the Teleost are in the works.
There is a lot of additional staffing ongoing as many baby boomers are planning to retire.
New radars are being installed at Canso, Belle Isle and the harbour of St John's.
The mandate for ER is changing especially with the new vessels of concern program and Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS).
The Commissioner is interested in the retirees' organizations and noted that there are no consistent models across the country. He will be trying to connect the groups and may be able to lever benefits such as the military have for its retirees.
Wade closed by reviewing briefly the changing organization chart and who is in what position.
Anne G. mentioned the challenge of recruiting new members.
Wade advised that Teresa Power was the contact for retirees' exit interview and exit information packages.
A discussion ensued around opening membership to DFO.
CCG is still actively supporting the Alumni.
Business Arising - Sept 15th
1. Errors or Omissions from Sept 15th Minutes - There were no errors or omissions to these minutes.
2. More work is being done on the constitution regarding opening membership to DFO. Gordon will be presenting at the March meeting his proposed changes. A brief discussion ensued about partnering with other organizations and this may help in attracting new members to the alumni such as our initiative with the Port de Grave group.
3. Gerry reviewed the new flagpole installation courtesy of DFO RP and the flags for the alumni. It was agreed that the alumni would follow the GOC protocol for flag usage.
MOVED BY Edgar Matthews, SECONDED BY John Summers to adopt the initiative. Motion passed unanimously.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes - MOVED BY Anne Bown, SECONDED BY Fred Jardine that the minutes of the Sept 15, 2017 be adopted as presented.
2. Treasurer's Report - Anne G. presented the Treasurer's Report for the period January 1 - Dec 13th, 2017.
MOVED BY Anne George, SECONDED BY Bren Rose that the Treasurer's Report from January 1 - Dec 13th, 2017 be approved.
Anne presented a supplementary tax bill that the alumni received from the city of St John's for a business tax at Cape Spear for $1253.16 or $417.72 quarterly. This is based on a presumed business realty value of $70k. Glenn Keough, PC is apparently investigating the implications for a private entity operating in the park. A discussion ensued around how to reduce or avoid the taxes. PC currently pays taxes in lieu of property value but it is not known if this is mandatory or enforceable on the alumni. Further work is required to resolve.
3. Summer student applications are now due in January and we are applying for four with the expectation of receiving two.
4. Maritime Museum project with Port de Grave Heritage Group is moving ahead with the identification of a temporary storage location provided by Vern Petten.
John B. outlined the progress to date and the expected time frame.
Gerry expressed concern over the protection of the assets and the establishment of an agreement. Both are in progress the MOU and a specific loan agreement for the artifacts.
Dan Pike indicated that we may have some swing space in the CCG building if we need it in the transport of the assets.
A general discussion ensued about the potential of the museum and its positive impacts on the Alumni.
John B. thanked members for their support.
MOVED BY Edgar Matthews and, SECONDED BY John Summers that we proceed with the transfer of the artifacts as per agreed MOU and loan agreements. Motion passed unanimously.
Edgar mentioned that there are artifacts from the Franklin that should be stored in the container. To be investigated. Also an inventory is essential as part of the museum of all artifacts transferred and held by the alumni.
5. Alumni Executive - an open call for members is in place.
6. Round Table
Anne G. advised that the CCG Alumni scholarship was awarded to Amanda Fizzard. Anne G. also noted that specific names from donations to the Gathering Place be removed and just the association noted. She also noted that she had received correspondence from Joan Lahey from Kilkenny, Ireland that she enjoyed the Cape Race exhibit.
Date for the next meeting - Friday, March 9th, 2018.