CCGAA Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2018

Cape Harrison Board Room, Southside Road Base
In Attendance Les Noseworthy, Harold Chubbs, Melvin Burt, Lorne Humphries, John Butler, Bren Rose, Fred Jardine, John Summers, Gerry Cantwell, Anne George, Norm Porter.
Call To Order. The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.
Business Arising - Dec. 15th. Gerry welcomed all members to the meeting.
1. Errors or Omissions from Dec. 15th Minutes - There were no errors or omissions to these minutes.
2. Gerry welcomed all members to the meeting and noted that John B has taken up the role of secretary for the group.
3. Earlier this year the alumni received a tax bill for the Cape Spear site based on the city limits being expanded to include the Cape. Anne George met with city hall and was able to provide documentation to exempt the site from taxes as a registered charity.
4. Artifacts from the Franklin were discussed and the likelihood that there were few given as the ship was transferred to another region. John B to check with Ed Matthews on this issue and see what he believes to be stored with CCG.
5. Constitutional update still a work in progress with Gordon B. At the June meeting we should review what has been done and make a decision to move on with recommendations. If Gordon B is not able to attend we could try and hook him up via phone for discussion.
6. Summer student applications submitted and awaiting response. Group hopes to have 3 students this year but could operate with 2. All agreed to continue with augmentation of salary to obtain the better students. Anne G reviewed the stipulations on the agreement and that they were in conflict with some members values however they were consistent with the charter of rights.
All agreed that we should continue with the application.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes - MOVED BY Anne G, SECONDED BY John Butler that the minutes of the Dec 15, 2017 be adopted as presented with all in favour.
2. Treasurer's Report - Anne G. presented the Treasurer's Report for the period Jan1 - Feb 28th, 2018. We may be able to renegotiate a higher interest rate on our GIC later in the year. Dues for the alumni are also now due. MOVED BY Fred Jardine, SECONDED BY Bren Rose that the Treasurer's Report from January 1 - Feb 28th, 2018 be approved.
3. Audit of the books have to be done by a non board member. John B will assist with Anne Bown. Work completed on March 14th.
4. On March 7th Les Noseworthy was the recipient of the Manning Award by the Historic Sites Association at the Sheraton and followed by reception at government house for his work with the Alumni in recording and preserving the lightstations of NL in art work and books. Very prestigious award and the alumni proud of their work with Les.
5. Maritime Museum project with Port de Grave Heritage Group is moving ahead with 14 members in agreement and minor typo in MOU to be adjusted. Agreement can be signed in May as we plan to start moving some artifacts out to the site this spring following review of what should be transferred initially. Dan Pike indicated that we may have some swing space in the CCG building if we need it in the transport of the assets. A general discussion ensued about the potential of the museum and its positive impacts on the Alumni and the energy that the PDG group are putting into the project. John B and Gerry C attended a planning session for businesses with ACOA and John B a further planning session in PDG on business opportunities. All were well done.
6. Tony Fitzgerald suggested that Bruce Stacey's name be associated with the museum. All were in agreement as he initiated the project.
7. Gerry thought that Dan has gone above and beyond in the support of the alumni and that we may want to do some of the transportation ourselves with the artifacts.
8. John B discussed the low level of membership and engagement challenges and suggested we need to broaden the membership base with social activities to engage the next group of retirees. John volunteered to lead this initiative with the support of the group. A planning session for a CCG and retiree BBQ is planned for May 15th at the CCG base and a BBQ sometime in late June probably at one of the service organizations. We will start small and hope to build support and engagement in the alumni and its projects. A number of these were discussed such as the Cape, honour guard, support to retirees upon the death of family member and the Port de Grave Maritime and Lighthouse Museum. Initial response has been very encouraging with 7-8 retirees already volunteering to assist.
9. Roundtable:
A few items regarding the potential additional roles of the alumni were discussed. Great discussion.
10. Date for the next meeting - Friday, June 15th, 2018.
11. Motion to Adjourn: MOVED BY Norm P, SECONDED BY John Butler, all in favour.

CCGAA Meeting Minutes
June 15, 2018

Cape Harrison Board Room, Southside Road Base
In Attendance Harold Chubbs, Lorne Humphries, John Butler, Gary Rose, Terry Philpott, Bren Rose, John Summers, Gerry Cantwell, Anne George, Norm Porter, Anne Bown, Ed Matthews
Call To Order The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m.
Business Arising - Sept 15th Gerry welcomed all members to the meeting and commented on the great loss of former President and great champion of the CCG Alumni, Gordon Butler. Gerry read an email from Lorne Humphries summarizing the importance of Gordon and his contribution to the group and its many successes over its history. All passed their condolences onto the family.
1. Errors or Omissions from March 9th Minutes - There were no errors or omissions to these minutes.
2. Gerry passed out a copy of the proposed constitutional amendments developed by Gordon. Comments were made by several members including Les Noseworthy. As this was the first presentation of the information Gerry asked that members look at the proposals and that the executive develop a final draft for consideration of the membership.
3. John Butler gave an update on the recent social that the alumni sponsored and all attendees thought it was a success with about 50-60 alumni in attendance. Most expressed an interest to continue and expand the socials with a view to broadening and increasing the alumni interests and membership. A general discussion ensued with a plan to convene a social committee to implement the suggestions by the group. John Butler to get a group together to lead this initiative with an initial meeting this summer.
New Business
1. Acceptance of Minutes - MOVED BY Norm Porter, SECONDED BY Lorne Humphries that the minutes of the March 9th, 2018 be adopted as presented with all in favour.
2. Treasurer's Report - Anne G. presented the Treasurer's Report for the period Jan1 - May 31st, 2018. The report was considered positive with some increases in the insurance rates and coverage that need to be reviewed. MOVED BY Bren Rose, SECONDED BY Lorne Humphries that the Treasurer's Report from January 1 - May 31st, 2018 be approved with all in favour.
3. Anne Bown provided an overview of the student program with initially four students approved and now three with increased hours. This better meets our requirements and the work period has been extended to include the labour day period. The students are a very strong group with one returning student. Gerry thanked the two Anne's for the fantastic support and work they have been doing with the student program. John Summers will continue to be their supervisor and has also been indispensable to the program. Ed Matthews provided a picture of the new flag at the light. A wonderful image as always and thanks to Ed!
4. The school program was off to a rocky start with transportation problems from Bell Island. Les is still positive that he will get the program off at a later date. Gerry mentioned that Les's daughter is not well and our thoughts and prayers are with Les and family. All agreed that this is a great program and that Les's efforts are to be commended.
5. Uniforms for the students and lapel pins were discussed. Agreement with the pin design and color was achieved. The total for the pins is $718 and the uniforms and name tags are $321. Gerry sought approval to proceed with the purchases. MOVED BY Lorne Humphries, SECONDED BY Ed Matthews that the purchases proceed. All presented voted in favor.
6. Further discussion on the constitution noted that there is a need for a general update as previously agreed. Points raised, such as the ownership of the assets and first right of refusal by the Government should the alumni dissolve. Again the need for a committee to review the proposal was discussed and agreed to by all. Gerry mentioned the consideration of membership by non-former CCG employees. The concensus was that the membership can make exceptions and this should be in the constitution. MOVED BY John Butler, SECONDED BY John Summers that the committee review and present to the membership with all in favour.
7. Gerry discussed the need to review the executive periodically and that change and new ideas are needed to ensure the alumni survives. He reviewed some of the major milestones during his tenure as President, which included most significantly the acquisition of the Cape Spear lighthouse and land. Most recently, the renovations to the radio building. His hope is that the alumni can continue to operate these facilities and that the DFO can support us in this effort. Lorne spoke of Gerry's efforts and urged that he continue in the role. Gerry thanked all attending but graciously declined and asked for anyone wishing to assume the role. John Butler indicated that he would be prepared to take up the challenge with a few new challenges in developing the membership through social and other activities. John was elected by acclimation and asked Bren Rose to stay on as VP until he can fill the position. Bren graciously agreed. Anne George will stay on as treasurer and John Butler will continue as secretary in the interim.
8. Roundtable:
John B is looking for help with the new museum. Anne George had a few items including, letter from diabetes association thanking alumni for donation, student recognition by Grenfell College, it is possible to renew the GIC at an improved rate (upcoming decision), also the alumni needs a safety deposit box for important documents. Gerry thanked the people who have been so supportive in his role as president. Ed Matthews also expressed his thanks to Gerry on behalf of himself and the alumni. Gerry stepped into the role after Ed had spent many years in the position and appreciated all his work and passion for the Cape and alumni. John reiterated for the group that his efforts have been fantastic as Lorne had pointed out earlier. He approached this with a passion and as past president we expect him to continue as an active member of the alumni.
9. Date for the next meeting - Sept 14th 0900hrs, 2018.
10. Motion to Adjourn agreed to by all.